RV Insurance

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RV Insurance

Owning an RV or mobile home is the ultimate road trip transportation vessel. Sleep, eat, and live wherever you want along the road or in a designated camping ground. Motorhomes are amazing, but there are always risks to consider and precautions to take. Anyone who has a motorhome should look into insurance for their vehicle. You will want to protect your property, regardless if it’s stationed or being driven across the country.

Stand-alone policy

One way you can insure your motorhome is by purchasing a stand-alone policy, which covers only the RV and nothing else. This policy coverage is fairly standard, protecting your mobile home from damage due to weather, fire or theft. This may be ideal for someone who doesn’t usually take their camper around with them and/or consistently sets up in a stationary area.

Add On

Adding motorhome coverage to your existing insurance policy may be a good idea if you frequently take your RV for longer rides. You might require more protection than someone who sets up camp in the same place. You can look into different add-on options to your car and home insurance policies to decide which one fits your specific needs. Make sure that the coverage you pay for is applicable and covers all bases – you don’t want to find yourself in hot water down the road!

Contributing factors to your policy

There are many different factors that contribute to how much your insurance policy will be:

RV Insurance Contributing Factor 1

How large your motor home is

The bigger the home is, the more you will pay for insurance. This is understandable, considering replacement costs are quite steep and will only increase if your RV is on the larger side.

RV Insurance Contributing Factor 2

How old the RV is

If your RV is fairly old, you can expect to pay a premium because there is a higher likelihood of it breaking down.

RV Insurance Contributing Factor 3

How often you use it

If you drive your RV everywhere, you will pay more in insurance than someone who uses it once in a while or only during the summer.

RV Insurance Contributing Factor 4

What kind of RV is it?

The more complex your motorhome is, the price you pay will likely go up.


RV and travel trailer insurance costs can vary greatly. There are three basic categories of RV insurance coverage, and what differentiates each category is the “how” and “when” the RV is moving:

RV’s & Motorhomes: They are the motorized recreational vehicles that can be driven to your destination and come in three classifications:


1. Class A motorhome

Like a large luxury bus, Class A is the largest of RV motorhomes. They come with many options, like kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment centres and central-control heating and air conditioning.


2. Class B motorhome

Also known as camper vans or conversion vans, equipped with kitchens, washrooms with showers and sleeps up to four people. They are easy to drive, fit in a normal parking space, easy on fuel, and can be used as a second vehicle.


3. Class C motorhome

A popular choice for many RV adventurers. The cab-over-bunk design is built on a commercial cut-away van chassis and comes with all the amenities of any motorhome.


What type of coverage do you need for a motorhome in Ontario?

If you own a class A, B or C motorhome in Ontario, the legal requirements for insuring it are the same as for your car. You must have third-party liability insurance. Direct compensation property damage coverage for reimbursement is paid through your insurer for damage caused by an insured motorist.

How much does RV insurance cost?

 In general, premiums can range anywhere from $500 to $2,000 or more per year. Get a quote through isure to assess costs for your specific model.

Where can I get motorhome coverage?

Not all insurance companies offer recreational vehicle insurance or cover them in the same way. It’s best to contact your isure broker to discuss how owning a recreational vehicle might affect your insurance. Be sure to ask if recreational vehicles are covered under a standalone policy or can be added to or bundled with your existing insurance policy.

Does motorhome coverage include protection if my RV breaks down?

Yes. Basic roadside assistance will cover towing, flat tires, dead batteries and fuel delivery. Upgrading to extended emergency roadside assistance will provide greater towing distances, travel/vacation medical advice, pet coverage and more.

Does a policy cover my belongings inside the RV? What about outside the RV?

Yes. The contents within your motorhome are covered. You can also add additional coverage for personal belongings, like electronics and more. With an RV policy, detached portions are covered as well (e.g. shed, table, etc.) RV insurance also covers natural emergencies, such as hurricanes and fires.

Will an insurance policy pay if my RV has to be replaced after a claim?

Yes. Your RV will be paid for if your motorhome or RV has to be replaced. By opting into a guaranteed replacement cost coverage, you can travel with complete peace of mind knowing that you are fully covered.

What does RV insurance cover in Canada?

You can get coverage for collisions, bodily injuries, liability, emergency expenses and much more. You can get coverage to protect your personal belongings and other things inside the RV (electronics, furniture and appliances) from theft or damages.

How much is insurance for a Class C RV?

Typically, most Class C owners will pay an average of $800 to $1000 per year to insure their vehicle. However, a more luxurious vehicle can cost up to $3,000 to insure.

Does RV insurance cover my awnings?

Yes. RV insurance covers most equipment that is part of the vehicle, including awnings.

Will RV insurance cover water damage?

It depends on your insurer. Some policies include water damage while others do not. You can add water damage protection as an endorsement.

Is motorhome coverage expensive?

It depends on the type of RV or motorhome and coverage limits. In general, it is more affordable than most people realize.

How do I save on RV Insurance?

Most insurers will also provide various discounts to your RV insurance policy if you have other types of policies with them. Common discounts available include:

  • Bundling your home, vehicle and RV
  • Satellite tracking enabled on your RV
  • Installing or having a security device in your RV

Considering buying a motorhome? Already have one and need insurance?

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