RV Insurance

Road trip across the country with peace of mind.

RV Insurance

Owning an RV or mobile home is the ultimate road trip transportation vessel. Sleep, eat and live wherever you want along the road or in a designated camping ground. Motorhomes are amazing, but there are always risks to consider and precautions to take. Anyone who has a motorhome should look into insurance for their vehicle. You will want to protect your property, regardless if it’s stationed or being driven across the country.

Stand-alone policy

One way you can insure your motorhome is by purchasing a stand-alone policy, which covers only the RV and nothing else. This policy coverage is fairly standard, protecting your mobile home from damage due to weather, fire or theft. This may be ideal for someone who doesn’t usually take their camper around with them and/or consistently sets up in a stationary area.

Add On

Adding motorhome coverage to your existing insurance policy may be a good idea if you frequently take your RV for longer rides. You might require more protection than someone who sets up camp in the same place. You can look into different add-on options to your car and home insurance policies to decide which one fits your specific needs. Make sure that the coverage you pay for is applicable and covers all bases – you don’t want to find yourself in hot water down the road!

Contributing factors to your policy

There are many different factors that contribute to how much your insurance policy will be:

RV Insurance Contributing Factor 1

How large your motor home is

The bigger the home is, the more you will pay for insurance. This is understandable, considering replacement costs are quite steep and will only increase if your RV is on the larger side.

RV Insurance Contributing Factor 2

How old the RV is

If your RV is fairly old, you can expect to pay a premium because there is a higher likelihood of it breaking down.

RV Insurance Contributing Factor 3

How often you use it

If you drive your RV everywhere, you will pay more in insurance than someone who uses it once in a while or only during the summer.

RV Insurance Contributing Factor 4

What kind of RV is it?

The more complex your motorhome is, the price you pay will likely go up.

Considering buying a motorhome? Already have one and need insurance?

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Does my RV need to be insured?
In Ontario, you need to have insurance on a motorhome that is driven. Especially liability insurance. A towed RV does not require its own insurance because it is covered by whatever is towing it. All things considered, it is essential to have additional insurance if you are looking for coverage outside of your existing auto insurance. Talk to an isure agent to make sure you’re receiving the coverage you need.
Do I need insurance on my RV even if it’s not being used?
Technically no. You don’t need insurance on an RV that’s not being used, but it may be a good idea to look into it. If you have seasonal vehicle coverage, you pay the premium only during the months that your RV is in use, but as you may be able to guess, your RV is only protected from risks during the months you pay. Year-round coverage protects your RV from damages incurred even while in storage! Call isure for your RV insurance quote today!
When can I change my RV policy?
Anytime! You can request changes to your RV insurance coverage easily with the isure app by giving your agent a call or making a request online. Your changes will go into effect immediately following their approval and processing. With that being said, your changes will only be effective if you make a claim after the changes are made. In other words, after an event takes place, you cannot make a change and receive coverage on that event.