If you’re a tenant, you may not think about insurance coverage for your personal possessions as much as the typical homeowner. No matter where you rent, you should ALWAYS get tenant insurance. That’s because renting a place comes with its own set of risks, and can expose you and your belongings to many hazards. 

What is tenant insurance?

Tenant insurance is a policy that covers your belongings if they are damaged or stolen. For example, if you accidentally cause a fire in your apartment and all of your furniture is destroyed, tenant insurance can cover that loss. It also covers losses due to theft, vandalism, water damage and other disasters such as earthquakes or floods.

Tenant insurance can be referred to as different things in different provinces:

– In Ontario, it’s called Tenant or Renters insurance

– In Alberta and British Columbia, it’s called Residential Tenancy Insurance

– In Quebec, it’s called Rental Dwelling Insurance (RDI)

Why should you get tenant insurance in Ottawa?

You may have furniture, clothes, electronics and more as an Ottawa resident. If something happens to these valuable things, such as a fire or theft, it can be devastating to have to pay out-of-pocket. Tenant insurance helps protect you and your landlord’s property against damage and theft.

What Are The Different Types Of Tenant Insurance In Ottawa?

There are three different types of tenant insurance in Ottawa:

1. Basic
2. Replacement cost
3. Comprehensive

The first two are the most common, but if you have something specific that needs protecting (like fine art), you may want to consider a specialty policy. Basic policies provide protection against loss or damage caused by fire or water damage. However, they don’t typically cover theft or vandalism. If one of these events occurs at your place, it won’t be covered under this type of policy unless it was caused by another covered peril (like fire).

Replacement cost policies will pay out what it will cost for you to replace damaged items with new ones that are similar in quality and function as those that are damaged or destroyed during an insured incident, such as flooding. This type of coverage also covers theft from within an apartment building if there are security cameras installed throughout its common areas which can prove who stole what item(s).

Where can I get tenant insurance in Ottawa?

If you’re looking for tenant insurance in Ottawa, look no further than isure. You can also ask your landlord about their experiences with different providers or work with knowledgeable, reputable Ottawa tenant Insurance brokers.

We hope this article helps you understand tenant insurance and why it’s essential..

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