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Your personal isure insurance broker understands your home insurance needs, and can help improve your coverage and discover new discounts.

We understand that your home is your castle, and has deep personal importance to you and your family. You have probably sunk more investment and sweat into it more than anything else in your life. When your home experiences issues, that stress translates to you as well. That’s why we work hard to make sure your home, your family, your lifestyle, and your mind and soul are at peace with the proper home insurance coverage.

Our Ontario home insurance brokers provide you fast, friendly and better insurance on your home, ensuring that you aren’t surprised by the fine print in policies or a short-term discount, only to see your rates climb in future. If your insurer tries that, we will find another insurer for you!

Let us do the shopping to find you the best Ontario home insurance rates and coverage in the marketplace! From basic coverage to high-risk options, we’ll contact over 25 of the largest certified insurers and have them compete for your policy.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Homeowners have a lot on their plate, and finding the right insurance policy for their homes must be prioritized. Coverage is a must, and here at isure, we will ensure that you have the protection that you and your home require. 

We care about our clients and want them to have a thorough understanding of their home insurance policies, so we will take the time to discuss exactly what is covered and will address any concerns you may have. Our team can help answer all of your questions and double-check that your policy reflects your needs. 

House insurance is mandatory because it will provide you with financial protection in the event of damage to your home and belongings. Your coverage would help pay for repairs or replacements in your home, and it’s important to understand what your insurance will cover so that you don’t run into any surprises. Liability coverage, dwelling, property damage, and other additional coverages are available, discussed in more detail below. Additionally, you can purchase additional coverages if you require more protection. 

Damage caused by fires, lightning strikes, windstorms, and hail are covered by your liability coverage, although not all-natural disasters are included in your policy. Dwelling protection would help cover the structure of your house, and liability coverage can be used in the event that someone not living in your home gets injured on your property. You should also note that home insurance is not just there to help cover damages to your home and may also provide coverage for your personal belongings inside your house. This means that if items were to be stolen or if a fire damages the furniture inside your home, you would be protected and/or your insurance policy may be able to help you pay for replacements. 

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the most common perils include:








Falling objects




Aircraft or vehicle impact




Electrical current

Don’t worry, if you are not sure which perils are relevant to your area, your isure broker can help! We have helped residents all over Ontario secure high-quality home insurance policies that cover everything they need.

Additional Home Insurance Coverage

The importance of home insurance cannot be denied, and here at isure, we can help you with general home insurance and additional home insurance coverage.

Standard coverage options include:

  • Dwelling, which will cover the physical building and structure you live in
  • Contents, which will cover your belongings inside your home and
  • Personal liability, which will cover you in the event that someone is injured on your property.

These options are ideal as they will protect you and your home. However, they may not be enough, and additional coverage may be necessary.

Business insurance coverage

Business coverage, for example, is necessary for anyone who runs their own business out of their home. Why? Because your standard home insurance policy will not cover business-related situations. If damage were to occur to your house due to your business operations, you may not be covered.

Equipment breakdown insurance coverage

You should also consider equipment breakdown insurance, which will cover you in the event of a sudden or unexpected equipment failure in your home. Your air conditioning unit, furnace, kitchen appliances, or security system may be covered under this policy. We can discuss this type of coverage in more detail if you want to add it to your policy.

Sewer backup insurance

It is also recommended that you add sewer backup insurance to your policy, as this can be a nightmare to deal with. Not only will a sewer backup cause a lot of damage, it will also be expensive to fix. So, the addition of this type of coverage is worth considering. The same is true for above-ground water coverage, which will protect you against sudden and accidental water damage caused by rain, snow or melting ice entering your roof, windows or doors. 

isure can also provide you with personal valuables’ coverage, which is ideal for those who have valuables that exceed the limits set out in your policy. We understand how important your personal treasures are, and we’ll help you protect the most valuable items in your home. This can include wine, jewellery and works of art. We can increase the amount of insurance for a particular item of high value. 

Our reputable isure brokers will ensure you get the best home insurance policy for your needs and make professional recommendations based on your requirements. We have years of experience in this field and genuinely care about our clients. Our team understands that every client has specific needs, so we take the time to understand your situation and create a plan based on this information. 

If you want peace of mind knowing your home is completely protected, contact us today at 1-877-514-7873 to discuss your insurance policy!

What isn’t covered by your Home Insurance Policy? 

Home insurance is a must, and while it’s important to understand what your policy covers, it’s equally as important to be aware of the perils that your insurance policy will not cover. Knowing this information will prevent any unwanted surprises, and the experts at isure can provide you with clarification. 

It’s important that our clients feel comfortable with the information they’re being presented with, so we will take the time to discuss the areas that are not covered and answer as many questions as you have. We will provide you with every detail to have a thorough understanding of your policy and make changes based on your needs and requests. 

Things that are not Covered

Vacant properties, for example, are not covered by house insurance, and your policy would not be able to help if damage occurs on a property that has been vacant for a certain number of days. You need to understand that vacant is not the same as unoccupied, and applies whenever there’s no furniture on the property. For example, if your family is going on a long holiday and something were to happen to your home while you were absent, your policy would still apply in this case.

Failure to maintain your home is another area that is not covered because poor upkeep is at the fault of the homeowner. For example, if you fail to fix broken appliances and make a claim for water damage, your policy will not cover damages. 

Certain valuables will not be covered, and there may be a limit for any one item in terms of what you can claim. This means you would not be able to claim any amount you want for stolen cash or art, as most insurance policies have a maximum amount that homeowners are allowed to claim. If you have a precious art or extensive jewelry collection, you can purchase higher coverage limits. 

Home sharing and wear-and-tear are also not covered. Our brokers at isure would be happy to provide you with more information regarding what your policy does and does not cover. 

What are the categories of home insurance?

When you shop for insurance for your home, you may come across three different types of home insurance policies, although they can be updated with custom perils and options.

Standard or Basic

This type of home insurance policy will be different, depending on where you live and the insurer you buy it from. But it will generally cover damage that occurs from the weather (hail, wind, lightning) or fire. The perils that are covered in a standard or basic policy will be listed clearly and will only cover those specific perils.


As the name suggests, this type of home insurance provides broad coverage for your home. This coverage will include everything in the standard insurance policy, as well as other perils such as vandalism and theft. It can also cover unpredictable events like a burst or frozen pipes. Be sure to check with your isure broker to see what perils are (and aren’t) covered in your policy.


This is the most robust type of home insurance policy coverage because it covers most perils. However, there may be some that it won’t cover. A comprehensive home insurance policy is recommended for those who want almost any damage to their home to be covered.

How much does home insurance cost in Ontario? 

Home insurance costs vary, depending on several factors. These may include where you live and the type of home you own. The size, age, and value of your property are also important and can impact how much it costs to insure your house or condo. 

For example, suppose you live in an area prone to severe weather conditions, like hail storms or thunderstorms. If you are, chances are good that your hazard deductible will be higher than someone who lives eight kilometers away from a similar area with milder climate conditions. In this instance, the higher risk associated with living in an area that has a history of severe weather will make it more expensive for you, as far as insuring goes (and vice versa). 

How Is Home Insurance Calculated?

Much like with your auto insurance, there is a lot that goes into the amount you pay for your home insurance. As an example, a person living in Nepean will most likely pay less than somebody living in Mississauga.

Here is a quick breakdown of what generally goes into determining the cost of your homeowner’s insurance:

Your home’s characteristics

The size, age and condition of your home will play a big role in determining your house insurance rate. Big houses will generally be more expensive than smaller homes, and newly-renovated homes will have a better rate than a home that is outdated.

Where your home is located

As mentioned above, the city where you live will play a big role in determining your home insurance rate, but the area surrounding your home will also affect the price. If you live near a fire hydrant or if you live in a safe neighbourhood, your insurance rate may be lower.

How your home was constructed

If your home was built using high-quality and expensive materials, then the insurance will be more expensive as those materials will need to be replaced in the case of irreparable damage.

Six factors that influence your home insurance costs 

You can reduce your home insurance costs by understanding the factors influencing them. Here are six things to keep in mind: 


1. Location

The more remote you live from services, the more expensive your home insurance will be. An example would be living far away from a fire station.

4. Home Size

Larger homes require more material and labour for repairs, which can increase the overall cost of repair or replacement if something happens. So, it makes sense to be charged higher premiums due to a greater likelihood of needing repairs or replacements.

2. Type of home

The older and larger your house is, the higher its value, which also affects how much you will pay for coverage.

5. Nearby firehalls or hydrants

Home and possessions are far less susceptible to severe damage and losses if your home is located near a firehall or fire hydrant. Your insurance provider takes this into consideration, and you can enjoy a lower premium if you live within eight kilometers of a fire station or 300 metres from a hydrant.

3. Home age

Insurance companies tend to charge less for homes built in recent years because they’re typically safer than older structures.

6. Credit history

Most financial matters involve a credit check to assess your history of paying bills and services. When it comes to your home insurance premiums, your health and previous credit history will be factored into the decision-making process to determine where you can save.


Do I need to purchase home insurance?

In Ontario, it is not required to get home insurance, but it is essential if you want to secure a mortgage (and to protect your investment!)

Are there other ways to save money on my home insurance policy?

Of course! If you bundle your home and auto insurance, you can save up to 15% on both policies! Give isure a call today to start the process of bundling your insurance!

How do I save on Home Insurance?

Every homeowner needs insurance, and the experts at isure can provide you with the best rates out there. We are happy to discuss your needs and the different policies that would be suitable for your home because we care about our clients and genuinely want what’s best for them. 

We’ll explore the different steps you can take to save on home insurance in Ontario. Once we start shopping the market, you will notice that our company takes pride in providing the best rates out there. Our knowledgeable brokers will work to offer you the lowest quotes, and our policies will provide you with the coverage that you need. 

Another option you can consider is to increase your deductible, which is essentially the amount you agree to pay towards the total amount of your insurance claim. Most home insurance policies carry a deductible, and it may be possible for you to reduce your premium by increasing it. The installation of a smoke detector, alarm system, carbon monoxide detector and deadbolt locks can further reduce your insurance premium, so let’s discuss improved security in more detail. We also recommend that customers pay their premiums annually rather than monthly, as this can help you save even more! 

isure recommends that you combine home and auto insurance coverage with the same company to further your saving potential. There are discounts available for bundling insurance policies, and we’re happy to provide you with more information to check if you’re eligible to bundle. 


What affects Home Insurance?

The invention of home insurance occurred after a tragic weekend of fires that spread across London in the U.K. In 1752, one of America’s founding fathers created the first fire insurance policy in the United States. Canada’s founding father, Sir John A. Macdonald, was also President of the Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company, which was one of the first companies to start selling home insurance in Canada in 1887. 

These days, over one hundred active home insurance companies (that are private or public) are offering policies in Canada. 

Home insurance is actually not an obligation by law in Canada. However, since the buying of a home is usually accompanied by a mortgage from a lender, the lender will typically require protection for their investment, and in these cases, home insurance will then be a requirement. 

However, if you do own a property, then it’s smart to have some level of home insurance to protect yourself from uncontrollable risks, like water damage, theft or a fire. Home insurance is for homeowners and condo owners, as well as tenants who rent their living space. Keep in mind that the costs associated with home insurance are subject to fluctuations for many reasons, including the type of home insurance and location, as some places could be at a higher risk for flooding or earthquakes. 

Factors that will impact your home insurance premiums 

There are several different factors that could affect what you will pay for home insurance. Your insurance provider will need to know the details of your home, including: age, the cost to repair or replace your home, and the basic construction details for the interior workings and exterior features. These details will help your isure broker accurately assess risk and determine the probability of something going wrong before they can give you an accurate quote. The more perceived risks there are for your property, the more expensive potential repairs would be, and therefore, the more your home insurance premium will cost. 

Two specific factors that will impact your home insurance premiums 

1. Property type 

The type of dwelling you live in will be evaluated differently since they each come with different risks. A house has a roof, whereas a single condo unit will be in a larger building whose roof is covered by maintenance fees that are paid collectively by all residents. 

2. Credit score 

Insurers are allowed to take your credit score to help them determine your premium – a majority of provinces use it. Most insurance companies will tell you there is a direct statistical correlation between credit history and increased chances of risk. It is important to note that your credit score will not negatively impact your insurance premium, but those with high-quality credit scores can save more on their premium. 

Will my home insurance cover claims for my home-based business?

If you work from home, it is important to understand that your home insurance will not cover claims that are related to your business – the experts at isure can provide you with more information. We will highlight what your home insurance does and does not cover so that you are aware of the coverage you have and the type of coverage you will need. 

Home-based business insurance is a must for those who run their business from home, and we will gladly provide you with more information. You should never assume that your home insurance will cover claims associated with your home business because that’s simply not the case, and this assumption can lead to big headaches and expensive consequences in the event of a claim. Our team will prevent this from happening by discussing your options and providing you with professional recommendations. 

If you have a home-based business, you will need a specific type of insurance to protect yourself and your business. We will help you select the best coverage for your business needs and will discuss general liability insurance and business property insurance, both of which are very common. These would help with costs associated with damage to the business property or with a lawsuit if a client were to be injured. Additionally, these types of coverage would help cover the costs of repairs if the business owner’s home were to become damaged. 

We will explain why work-related activities that take place in your home are not automatically covered by your existing home insurance policy and will make sure you have the coverage and protection you need. If you are looking for commercial insurance or have questions regarding home-based business insurance, contact isure today! 

What is the difference between Mortgage insurance and Homeowners insurance?

Home insurance will help repair your home’s structure and property in the event of a fire, storm or other perils that are listed in your policy. Without this type of coverage, you would have to pay out of pocket, which would be a significant monetary loss. There are several types of home insurance policies, and the level of protection you receive will depend on your preferences. Most standard homeowner’s insurance policies include coverage for your personal belongings, like furniture, electronics, and your home’s dwelling and detached structures. Personal liability from lawsuits due to accidents or injuries on your property would also be covered. There would be additional living costs to cover temporary food and lodging fees if you are displaced from your home due to a covered loss. 

On the other hand, mortgage insurance protects the mortgage lenders if the borrower cannot repay their mortgage. When you take out a loan to buy a home, your bank or lender is taking a risk by assuming that you will honour the terms of your loan and make monthly mortgage payments. Homebuyers with a steady income, good credit history, and low debt-to-income ratio will be considered low-risk borrowers. A 20% or higher down payment on the property’s sale price will also place you in a low-risk borrower category.

Many borrowers, however, do not have this amount to put down to purchase their property, and the lender will view this as a concern, and that is when private mortgage insurance will be necessary. This would protect the bank or lender if you fail to make your payments and would provide them with a guarantee that their risk will be covered so that they can lend you the money with peace of mind. 


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Between all of our isure-approved insurers, we boast one of the longest lists of insurance discounts for your home compared to any other broker online. Our competitive bidding saves you money with no sacrifice on coverage. We’ll also tell you how to reduce your premiums by taking safeguards.

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A tree falls through your roof in the middle of the night? House broken into on a long weekend? No problem! Our claims response line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’ll get your claim moving immediately while guiding you through the process.

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Bad things happen, even to good homeowners. That’s why isure will give you advice on how to best protect your claims free discounts.

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Your Possessions Saved

Your personal property is covered anywhere in the world, and with Contents Replacement Cost, subject to loss settlement, pays for the cost of repair or replacement without deduction for depreciation.

Water Damage Protection Home Insurance

Water Damage Protection

Changing weather trends, bigger storms and more rain are all having an impact on homeowners. Protect your home with sewer backup coverage and new overland water protection.

Household Liability Home Insurance Icon

Household Liability

Pays when you’re legally liable for someone else’s bodily injury or property damage resulting from an accident or negligent act(s) by you or household members, at home or away from home. This also includes the misbehaving acts of your pets.

Medical Coverage Home Insurance

Medical Coverage

Pays medical costs for people injured at your residence (other than residents of your household), regardless of liability.

Ongoing Living Expense coverage

Ongoing Living Expenses

Covers additional living expenses up to 24 months depending on your policy type, this covers additional living expenses up to 24 months if a covered loss makes your home unfit to live in.

Identify Theft Protection Icon

Identify Theft Protection

State-of-the-art assistance in the resolution of identity theft events, advocacy services relating to the prevention of identity theft and replacement of important documents.

Additional Valuables Coverage

Additional Valuables Coverage

Scheduled and unscheduled coverage of important valuables are available for items like
art, jewelry, collectibles and more.

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