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Looking for Belleville Home Insurance?  If you’re a homeowner in Belleville, Ontario, you probably know that home insurance is a must-have. But when it comes time to purchasing your home insurance policy, where do you go? 

For many years, isure has been the go-to home insurance brokerage for the Belleville area. We’re proud to uphold the tradition of offering the best insurance options for homes across Canada. Our insurers are known for their wide range of options and competitive prices. 

If you’re looking for home insurance in Bellville, Ontario, you need to find a company that knows the area and can offer the best protection at a price that suits your budget. Our team of professionals can provide you with a personalized quote for home insurance in Belleville that suits your needs and your financial situation. Whether you’re already a homeowner or thinking about buying a new property, we can help you find the right coverage. 

The best home insurance in Belleville, Ontario

Our goal at isure is to offer a wide range of products and services to meet our customers’ needs at every stage of life, including home insurance. We know that every homeowner has unique requirements for their home insurance policy. But, they also want the flexibility to bundle their other policies with the same company. That’s why we can help you find a range of options that allows you to create a customized policy. Together, we can help you bundle your different policy types to manage them in one place, as well as get you discounts. 

Need some advice on how much coverage is right for your home? Give us a call today! Our friendly team will be happy to chat about your needs and answer any questions you may have about getting an insurance quote for your home. 

If you’re new to owning a home, you might be wondering what your home insurance covers. We’re here to help! Here’s the scoop on how home insurance covers your Belleville home. 

How home insurance covers your home

Home insurance coverage is split into “dwelling” and “other structures.” The dwelling, or structure of your house, is covered by the dwelling portion of your insurance. This protects your home if, say, damaged by a fire or a tree falling during a storm. 

Other structures are covered, too

Your garage, fence, and storage shed fall under “other structures.” Most standard home insurance policies cover these things if damaged or destroyed. 

There’s coverage for a temporary home

If you can’t live in your home because there’s damage that needs to be repaired, don’t worry! Home insurance policies usually come with coverage for temporary housing while your home is being repaired. This coverage means you can stay in a hotel or rental apartment until you can move back into your own space. 

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