Why isure gives you Travel Insurance that’s All About YouWhy isure gives you Travel Insurance that’s All About You

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If you are looking for the best insurance coverage for your next trip, isure has you covered! Every day, customers contact us seeking information about travel insurance. You’ve asked about coverage, cost, and what happens in an emergency – and we always had an answer.

Now, we’re excited to share our all new travel insurance which covers you better than ever.  If you have a trip coming up, no matter where or when it is, get a quote on the best insurance package you’ll ever find!

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isure customers always win!

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From now until December 1st, 2017, if you call us at 1-855-211-8747 to obtain a travel insurance quote , you will be automatically entered to the grand prize draw ‘Dream Vacation’ – a 3500$ travel voucher applicable to any airline or cruise ! 

Single or Multiple Trip Emergency Medical Travel Insurance

All-Inclusive Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Seniors and Snowbirds

Insurance for Visitors to Canada

Super Visa Health Insurance

International Student Travel Insurance

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The Best Vacation Spots for 2017

There’s no better time to travel than right now. Some of the best vacation spots for 2017 are within your budget. So, whether you’re able to travel around the world, or just to another province, travel is a great way to get new perspective. A vacation can relieve stress, give you a new lease on life and open you to new experiences. That said, deciding where you want to go can be difficult.

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The Best Romantic Travel Destinations in Canada

Are you considering a romantic vacation in the near future? Did you know some of the best romantic travel destinations are right here in Canada? It’s true! Whether you’re looking for a quiet chalet to cozy up in after a day of skiing, a picturesque landscape to wake up to, or an upscale romantic experience for two – there is somewhere in Canada that is perfect for you.

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Traveling During Hurricane Season

If you’re planning on traveling during hurricane season, there are several things you need to know. While it’s generally okay to travel during these months, you should also be prepared for them. One of the best ways to prepare for hurricane season travel is to buy travel insurance.

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The Best Travel Apps

If you have any trips coming up, you need to download the best travel apps we know of. These apps not only will help you navigate cities, they’ll enable you to save money, access languages you don’t know and act as tour guides! Smartphones really have become the most important items to pack when you travel. So, let’s get into all the best travel apps on the market!

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Make the Most of Travel

The build up to a trip is one of the most exciting elements of travel. But how do you ensure you’re making the most of travel? Other than reading other people’s experiences, you have no real knowledge of what your experience might be. Will you enjoy the entire experience? What will you learn? What will you wish you would have done after the trip is over? While doing your research is important, we’re going to help you spend more time making the most of travel with some of our insight.

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Road Trip Travel Insurance

As we enter the “Sundays of Summer”, the second half of August, this is one of the most common vacation periods. Whether it’s a trip to a cottage in a different province, or a road trip – August is always a great travel month. But it’s also important to prepare for the unknown. While there is no ‘road trip travel insurance’, policies exist to help protect you and your family. These policies are either necessary by law or are optional depending on where you’re going. So, before you hit the road, read up on these road trip travel insurance options!

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Single or Multiple Trip Emergency Medical Travel InsuranceSingle or Multiple Trip Emergency Medical Travel Insurance
Why isure gives you Travel Insurance that’s All About You

Anytime you leave your province, you should consider emergency medical travel insurance. This is especially true if you are heading outside of Canada. Our single or multiple trip emergency medical travel insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that if the unforeseen happens, you’ll be taken care of. If you’re in a foreign country, we’ll work to get you the medical attention you need, and ultimately get you back home!

Our single or multiple emergency medical travel insurance covers you in event of many situations. Those include medical emergency, ambulance fees, paramedical services, emergency dental treatment, medical devices, repatriation, vehicle return, lab tests and coverage in event of accidental death.

All-Inclusive Travel InsuranceAll-Inclusive Travel Insurance
Why isure gives you Travel Insurance that’s All About You

Traveling comes with a variety of unknowns that can ruin the experience. From the minute you leave home, things like lost luggage or cancellations can hinder your travels. We’re here to put those fears to rest and allow you to enjoy your trip with our all-inclusive travel insurance! Our comprehensive all-inclusive packages are the best in Canada, and are exactly what you’ve asked for.

The comprehensive travel insurance coverage includes things like interruptions or trip cancellations. We provide coverage in event of delayed or lost luggage and also provide you options in event you are robbed. Our packages cover accidents that occurring during or while boarding a plane, and also those that occur on foreign public transit. We cover any transportation costs for family members to visit you in the hospital and provide dental care options. Finally, you can reach us any time of the day, 7 days a week!

This coverage is the top of the line in Canada. We listened to what YOU wanted and sought out to deliver that coverage. Best of all, we’re providing it for the most affordable rates. Coverage on your next trip shouldn’t be a question on if you should get it, but how easily you can get it. We also make that easier than ever by enabling you to get a quote immediately online!

Travel Insurance for Seniors and SnowbirdsTravel Insurance for Seniors and Snowbirds
Why isure gives you Travel Insurance that’s All About You

When the temperature starts to drop, everyone start eyeing warmer destinations. We understand the desire, and encourage it – if you can spend time in warmer climates, why worry about how much it’s going to snow tomorrow? Whether you’re a snowbird or a senior, we have travel insurance that has you covered!

For the snowbirds, we took a look at the most common destinations to provide the best travel insurance. If you’re heading to Florida, Texas, California or anywhere else in the US, we have you covered. We also looked at the Caribbean, Mexico, and some South American countries, again to ensure you get the best insurance as a snowbird. No matter if your trip is for a few weeks or all winter, we have the most affordable and all-encompassing travel insurance products.

As a senior, your health and well-being always needs to come first. Healthcare costs vary by country and even by city, so we sought out to provide the best for you. Our senior travel insurance covers you much like our single travel insurance. In addition, we have travel insurance if you have a pre-existing medical condition such as diabetes, asthma, cancer, heart conditions, stroke risk, blood pressure and cholesterol concerns.

Insurance for Visitors to CanadaInsurance for Visitors to Canada
Why isure gives you Travel Insurance that’s All About You

One of our exciting new products is travel insurance for those visiting Canada. Canada is well known for having some of the best healthcare in the World. Our insurance for visitors provides a limited amount of coverage in event that you have an accident while here. We want to provide you with peace of mind that if something happens you simply call us, and we’ll connect you with nearest and best doctor.

One of the reasons why it’s best to buy travel insurance with us, is because we’re able to negotiate better coverage. As previously mentioned, our healthcare is top notch and we can deliver quality care faster than your home country provider. Essentially, as Canadians, we like to make sure our visitors have the best travel insurance they can afford!

Super Visa Health InsuranceSuper Visa Health Insurance
Why isure gives you Travel Insurance that’s All About You

One of our new travel insurance products is super visa health insurance. For people who have super visas (parents or grandparents of residents of Canada), you can get health coverage during your visits. There are some amazing benefits to this travel insurance. This includes covering pre-existing conditions, a refund if your super visa is declined, and easy renewals. Best of all, you get access to quality medical coverage including hospitalization and repatriation.

There are a few requirements to be eligible for this kind of insurance. First off, you need to be authorized to enter Canada and purchase this insurance for at least 1 year. Your child/grandchild needs to have a certain income and you’ll also need to provide a financial support commitment. Lastly, you’ll need to partake in a full medical exam and ensure that the package you get has at least $100,000 coverage.

International Student Travel InsuranceInternational Student Travel Insurance
Why isure gives you Travel Insurance that’s All About You

Every year, thousands of foreign students come to Canada for education at one of our incredible institutions. One thing many international students don’t realize is that the Canadian healthcare system does not cover them. As such, we have developed the best international student travel insurance that will cover you. Not only will this enable access to healthcare, but will enable other emergency access and support. Our international student travel insurance provides you, with emergency care, ambulance, and emergency dental care. It can be scary being hospitalized in a foreign country with no family nearby. If that happens, we also provide transportation fees to have a family member come to be your bedside guardian. As it’s important that you have access to information, we’re available 24/7 for any assistance we can provide.

Q&A about Travel InsuranceQ&A about Travel Insurance
If you have had an accident, the first people to call are local emergency contacts. To make a claim, call us direct at 1-855-211-8747, and we'll spring into action. We are available 24/7, so contact us at any time and we'll be there to assist you.
You absolutely can. Regardless of your current medical condition, we will work with you to get you the best quality travel insurance for an affordable rate.
If you have trip cancellation insurance, we reimburse the travel cost if due to a covered risk.
You can submit a quote to us online, or you can call us directly (1-855-211-8747).
If you are traveling to a different province, you may find that not everything is covered by your home province program. Outside of Canada, coverage is minimal by your home province healthcare. Everything including emergency medical, ambulance, emergency dental and drugs are rarely covered. The cost of those services can amount to tens of thousands of dollars without insurance.
Yes, you should never take risks with your health. Whether you're a Canadian traveling to another country, or a foreign student coming to Canada - travel insurance provides you with the necessary protection . A medical emergency can strike at any time, and it's important to get good medical assistance immediately!