One of the biggest concerns a home renter or owner can have is how to keep their home safe from break-ins or burglary. We’ve gathered our top useful tips on how you can protect your home from theft.

1. Reinforce locked doors

One of the easiest ways to protect your home from theft is to ensure all of your doors are locked. This applies to when you are and aren’t home! And in order to reinforce locked doors, make sure the dead bolts are intact, as these are the weakest parts of any doors. If a deadbolt is loose, it’s much easier for a burglar to kick down a door. Replace the deadbolt with a 3-inch wooden screw to keep the door secure.

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2. Install motion detectors

An easy way to protect your home from theft is to install motion detectors. There are a variety of options available, most being relatively cheap with prices as low as $15, and are an effective way of deterring burglars. Many rely on an electrical power supply, however, some even use solar energy.

Check out this example from AmeriTop.

3. Light your property at night

Another way to protect your home from theft is to install outdoor lighting in your front or backyard. You can even install lighting that is motion-activated for an added level of protection. Choose LED lights over regular lightbulbs, as they are much brighter. 

4. Install bolt cutter resistant locks

One device a thief can use when trying to break into a home is a bolt cutter. So, in order to protect your home from theft, it’s important to install bolt cutter resistant locks. A secure lock that is safe from bolt cutters is thick and easily concealed. There are many locks available that are bolt cutter resistant, featuring components such as keypads, so the lock can’t be picked.

For example, check out this keyed padlock from Master Lock.

5. Secure patio doors

Patio doors are the easiest doors for burglars to break into, especially if they are sliding doors. A simple way to secure your patio doors is to install a security bar or rod. This system will keep the doors in place when you aren’t using them. You can also install a screw to keep sliding doors in place and prevent the windows from being removed.

6. Install a security anchor on your bicycles

If you have bikes in your garage, install a security anchor bike lock into the floor to keep them secure. This domed anchor covers the locks, and is very easy to install. Security anchors can also be used to protect truck beds. With a lifetime warranty, security anchors are a great addition to your garage.

Check out this example from Kryptonite.

7. Keep a light on inside

Whether you’re home or you leave your house for an extended period of time, it’s important to consider the lighting inside of your home. A vacation timer is a great option to keep your home illuminated while you aren’t home, especially in the evenings. You can even download apps, such as WeMo, to manually control lighting from your phone. This acts as an additional deterrent to potential burglars watching your home.

8. Hide spare keys in a secure location

It can be difficult to find a secure location to hide your spare keys. If a burglar finds a key and simply unlocks the door, it will be difficult to save on your claim, as the theft isn’t considered forced entry. The best solution to this issue is to purchase a safe with a combination lock. Hide it around your front door and secure it with stainless steel screws so it cannot be removed.

Check out this example from Kidde.

9. Only share travel plans with those you trust

An easy way to protect your home from theft is to keep your vacation plans private. This means holding off on social media posts until you’ve returned. Social media features, such as geotagging, make it easy for burglars to know when you’re out of the house for an extended period of time. Additionally, have a trusted friend or family member check in on your home in your absence.

10. Lock your garage door when you go out

Make sure you manually lock your garage door, even if it is automated. If your garage doesn’t have a manual lock, you can install one above the rollers in the ceiling. 

11. Install a doorbell camera

A doorbell camera is a great way to keep an eye on your property while you’re away. You will be able to see if any packages are dropped off, or if any suspicious activity occurs.

Check out this example from SmartHome Security

12. Install an alarmed security monitoring system

For added protection, installing an alarmed security monitoring system in your home is an easy way to protect it from theft. Additionally, this type of monitoring system may be necessary to make an insurance claim in the event your property is broken into. It may also provide additional insurance savings!

Check out this example from Ring

13. Keep your blinds shut

Keeping your blinds shut is another effective way to protect your home from theft. With your blinds shut, people can’t look into your home and see any valuables worth breaking in for.

14. Keep valuables in a secure location

Valuables, such as jewelry, should be kept in a safe location. A jewelry box on a dresser, for example, is an obvious location that a theif will likely look first. Try keeping your valuables somewhere hidden, like in your closet.

15. Change keypad passcodes 

And finally, consider changing your keypad passcodes to locations such as your garage every so often. Much like changing your email passwords protects you from hackers, this will help protect your home from theft.

If you approach your home and ever suspect it has been broken into or that someone may be inside, DO NOT ENTER and call 911 immediately. If you have any questions about your home insurance policy, or want to make a home burglary claim, please reach out to a member of our isure team today.

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