As technology continues to change, so does the way we enhance and improve our homes. Gone are the days when the only piece of technology found in your home was a television, computer and the odd cell phone. These days, more people are using technology to upgrade their living experience throughout their homes. From automating lighting to heating to appliances to some home assistants, technology is making many things easier. Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, technology will continue to play an important role in protecting your property and tenants. Luckily, isure has compiled a list of our top tech gadgets for your home that you should consider installing,

1. Wi-Fi smoke detector

Unlike ordinary smoke alarms, the Google Nest smoke detector has many upgrades. You no longer need to manually check your smoke detector for system malfunctions. This tech gadget for your home has been designed to automatically check, repair and alert you of any malfunctions. This includes power connections, smoke sensors, and back-up batteries. The most remarkable feature is that the Nest smoke detector offers all these checks every 200 seconds. Furthermore, it also has the ability to alert up to 19 people in the case of an emergency. This feature is extremely helpful, especially if you are away on vacation or live far away from your rental property. Not to mention, the Nest smoke detector uses advanced AI algorithms to safely monitor your home, which gives it the ability to easily tell the different degrees of emergency and react accordingly. The system starts by giving you a gentle alert as smoke slowly starts to build, and gets louder and more urgent as it reaches critical levels.

2. Wi-Fi lock

With the Google Nest x Yale lock, this home tech gadget allows you to take safety and security to an entirely new level. It’s smart and automated, meaning you can easily unlock your doors, as well as receive notifications when a door is being unlocked. Not only does this smartphone app act as a key, but you’re able to lock your property’s doors from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection or data. Gone are the days when you realize at the store or on the road that you may have forgotten to lock up. This is another great example of how apps are making our lives easier!   

3. Smartsensor temperature control

Unlike your average thermostat, the ecobee SmartSensor grants you the ability to program your homes temperature to your liking. In recent years, the SmartSensor has grown in popularity. In fact, nowadays it seems to be becoming a staple for any smart home. The SmartSensor has many incredible features, such as automatically pausing heating and cooling if a door or window is open. On top of this, it comes with an impressive 5-year battery life. The SmartSensor also provides trusted home security, with a 120-degree motion sensor that can detect activity up to 16-feet away.

4. Automated air purifier

Having purified air is in your home is another way of keeping your home clean and comfortable. With the Smart True HEPA Air Purifier from Levoit, you can control the air quality in your home from anywhere. The free VeSync app turns your phone into a remote control, which is then connected to the Levoit air purifier. It traps 99.7% of fine particles 0.3 microns in size, which includes major pollutants, such as dust, smoke, and pollen. This safe and certified product will be a great addition to your home! Not only will this improve the cleanliness of your home, but it will also improve your health!

5. Robot vacuum

Purchasing a robot vacuum is a great way to save time and also modernize your home. On top of this, it saves on time cleaning! With the Roborock Q5 Robot Vacuum, you can control the cleanliness of your home via your phone from the Roborock app. By creating personalized maps for your robot vacuum to follow, you can ensure every space in your home stays clean. To make matterw better, this vacuum has powerful suction to get rid of any pesky dust, and can run for up to 180 minutes before charging. 

These are only a fraction of the many smart products on the market that could help protect your property and save you money. However, before choosing tech gadgets for your home, make sure that you know all the facts. If you’re wondering how adding security technology to your home may affect your home insurance premium, contact one of our brokers to ensure you’re picking the most effective gadgets.

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