Your roof is one of the core parts of your home, yet many homeowners are unaware of how to maintain it. No matter what state your house is in or how old it is, it’s always crucial to make sure it’s in working order. From cleaning your gutters to reinforcing your shingles, here’s eight tips on how to maintain your roof.

1. Clean your gutters seasonally

Every season brings its own sort of debris that can end up clogging up your gutters, particularly leaves in the fall. Making sure your gutters are clean is crucial when it comes to keeping your roof in tip-top shape. When water overflows into your gutter, it can lead to water damage in your house, particularly your ceiling. To keep you and your family safe, call a professional to clean your gutters every season!

2. Reinforce your shingles

Regularly checking your shingles is a key component when it ways you can maintain your roof! Extreme heat in the summer can sometimes cause the shingles on your roof to crack. On top of this, extreme storms can separate them altogether. This creates an opportunity for water to leak into your house. Loose shingles can also fly off during storms, potentially damaging your car and causing a mess of your yard. If your shingles suffer damage and you don’t remove snow from a recent snowfall, it can lead to a pricey situation. It’s important to regularly have your roof inspected at least annually. As mentioned before, is best done by a professional to avoid any injury.

3. Remove excess snow from your roof

Yes, this is an important step to maintain your roof! Snow plays a huge factor when it comes to roof upkeep, especially if you have an older house. When snow melts on your roof, it can cause leaks. Sometimes, the weight of it may be enough to have it collapse altogether if it’s been weakened! A snow rake can be purchased to remove snow off your roof and reduce the weight. If you find your attic is warm during the winter, lack of snow removal can also result in an ice dam (which we explain below.)

4. Look for ice dams

Ice dams in the winter are another possible culprit that may make it difficult to maintain your roof. These are formed when the air inside of your house is warmer than the outdoor temperature. This causes the snow on your roof to turn into ice, resulting in a dam forming at the edge of the roof. These ice dams prevent drainage and if not treated quickly, can trap water and cause excessive damage. The weight of the ice dams can also cause damage to your gutters. To prevent ice dams from forming, lower the temperature of your attic or remove ice on the edges of your roof before a dam forms.

5. Keep your trees trim and neat

Though beautiful in the fall, trees can cause some unwanted problems when too close to your roof. During a period of bad weather, leaves and branches can get knocked loose and fall onto your roof, causing damages and clogs. Long branches also allow animals, such as squirrels and raccoons, easy access to your roof. This allows them to potentially cause damage by making a home or invading yours. Making sure your branches are properly trimmed is huge when it comes to maintaining your roof and keeping it safe and sound.

6. Inspect your roof from the inside

Sometimes, it’s best to look for issues from the inside. Take the time to regularly make trips to your attic to inspect your ceilings for signs of water damage, moisture or mold. This one is generally easy to spot and can be an easy way of seeing if you have any roof problems arising. If something is spotted, it’s always important to act quickly before a problem becomes too out of hand to fix.

7. Be mindful of moss or algae

Having moss or algae growing on your roof can be common, depending on the weather it has been through. Not only is it an eyesore for your house, but it can also be extremely problematic for your roof. Since moss and algae grow in areas of moisture, it can be a sign of water damage or mold in the future if left untreated. Fortunately, moss and algae can easily be removed by a professional or yourself if you have the right materials! These tips, paired with the proper home insurance, can make sure you are prepared for anything that comes your way!

8. Make sure you have the proper home insurance coverage

Although we have provided you with techniques to prevent damage to your roof, we understand that maintenance can be difficult. Sometimes, snags can happen without warning. Luckily, with isure‘s assistance, you can sleep soundly knowing you are covered in case the unexpected happens. From a leaky attic to a fallen tree, you can be confident knowing you will be protected. Our claims service is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

So, what are you waiting for? Speak to a broker today!

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