Are you looking for a CAA Insurance Quote for your Auto and Home? For over 115 years, CAA has been helping Canadians stay safe, mobile, and protected. They strongly advocate for their members on road safety, infrastructure, and consumer rights. While they have made a name for themselves for their roadside assistance program, they now offer various types of insurance, including home, auto, travel, life and health insurance. They are Canada’s largest not-for-profit automobile association, with over 5.6 million members and over 2 million in South Central Ontario alone. They offer considerable savings for all their members, not only for their insurance but also at hundreds of shops and attractions across North America. The North & East Ontario, South Central Ontario, and Niagara clubs represent CAA members in Ontario but only represent three of nine CAA Clubs across Canada. As Canada’s largest consumer-based organization, CAA members can enjoy the features and services offered by affiliate auto clubs across North America and worldwide. 

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Why Choose CAA Insurance as a CAA Member?

isure is a trusted CAA insurance provider, and we have seen the many benefits that CAA members get when they purchase CAA insurance for their Auto or Home through isure. Although you are not required to be a member to enjoy CAA insurance, CAA members do receive discounts as part of their membership, so you may want to join the CAA club!


Member-exclusive discount up to 20% on your auto insurance, with potential additional savings, including:

  • Multi-Line Discount: Save 5% when you bundle your home and auto insurance.
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount: Save 15% when you insure 2+ vehicles with CAA.
  • Winter Tire Discount: Save 5% when your vehicle has four winter tires.
  • CAA Connect Discount: Save 5% on your auto premium when you enroll.

Member-exclusive discount up to 10% on your home insurance.


Member-exclusive discount up to 10% on your travel insurance.

CAA – Our beliefs.

Being care-driven.
We always do what is right for our Members.
Leading by example.
We are ethical, accountable, and honest.
We strive to always do better and never settle for the status quo.
Being collaborative.
When we work together, we can accomplish great things.
Affiliate clubs.
CAA South Central Ontario is one of nine Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) Clubs across Canada.
As part of Canada’s largest consumer-based organization, which serves over 5.8 million Members, CAA Members can enjoy the features and services offered by affiliate auto clubs across North America and around the world.

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    CAA – Our mission

    We are obsessed with Member safety.
    Our mission is to help Canadians stay safe, mobile, and protected – whether on the road, at home or abroad. We help make our Members’ days better. We do what is right for our Members – after all, we are all Members too!

    CAA Insurance Programs

    CAA is committed to providing you with the coverage you need, whenever you need it. Their unique programs for home, auto, and travel ensure that you have a program to match whatever your needs might be. Click the links above for more information on their extensive list of programs and services for you.

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