Pay-As You-Go Car insurance is here with CAA MyPace!

There are so many different auto insurance providers and subsequent coverage options, so it can be overwhelming to sort through all the options and find coverage that meets your driving habits without breaking the bank. Luckily, Canadian provider CAA offers specialized coverage options with their MyPace program. 

What is CAA MyPace? 

CAA MyPace is a program that replicates pay-as-you-go car insurance. For drivers who only drive casually or infrequently, you can save up to 70% with CAA MyPace. The CAA MyPace program calculates your insurance rate based on the amount you drive each year. As opposed to paying a standard rate for extremely comprehensive insurance, your costs are determined by how often you drive – they will increase when you drive more and decrease when you drive less. How will they determine this? CAA will track how often you drive using the MyPace device installed in your car. There is a base rate that you will initially have to pay, then an additional amount per 1,000 kms. 


Since the pandemic, more Canadians are working from home, eliminating over half of their mileage. While the amount they travel has been reduced, they remain paying high insurance coverage costs with their traditional insurance provider. Capitalize on your work from home situation with CAA MyPace! Instead of continuing to spend the same amount of money on expensive car insurance when you don’t drive often, the CAA MyPace program can help reduce your monthly costs. In Ontario cities, like Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan and Brampton, many residents have access to world-class transit systems. With this access, some Canadians won’t be driving their vehicle as often. This alternative coverage is a great way to cut high insurance costs without sacrificing your protection!

Who should use CAA MyPace Car Insurance?

The profile of an eligible candidate who will benefit from CAA MyPace is as follows:

Someone who works from home

When you don’t need to drive a car to work, you not only avoid pesky city traffic, but you will save more with CAA MyPace.

Someone who has a diesel-powered car newer than 2005

The CAA MyPace program is not available for diesel vehicles manufactured before 2005.

Someone that has a gasoline-powered car newer than 1997

CAA MyPace does not cover any vehicles manufactured before 1997.

Someone who doesn’t drive often

Do you walk to pick up your groceries each week rather than drive? You already sound like the perfect MyPace candidate!

The CAA MyPace program is not available for diesel vehicles manufactured before 2005.

There is no reason a driver who drives over 9,000kms can’t use CAA MyPace, but you won’t see savings the same way someone who drives between 1,000 and 7,000 kms.

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