Dentist Insurance

Customized insurance solutions for your needs

A healthy smile is very important, but going to dental appointments can get very expensive, which is why insurance is a must. Dental coverage will allow you to receive the oral care and treatment you need, and we can offer many options to choose from. 

Our insurers can prevent you from having to empty out your bank account to cover dental expenses, providing peace of mind knowing your policy is in good hands. isure can ensure you have access to quality dental care, and we can discuss the different options our insurers offer. This includes basic, standard, or enhanced. Depending on the one that best suits your needs, you can receive coverage for teeth cleaning, dental exams, x-rays, dentures, bridges, or crowns.  

We will listen to your needs to provide you with our professional recommendations. At, we care about our clients’ needs, especially when it comes to dentist insurance. We want you to make informed decisions regarding the type of coverage that will best suit your needs. Basic plans generally provide coverage for preventive dental care, which includes dental exams, fillings, tests, and x-rays, while a standard plan will reimburse more of your preventive dental-care expenses than the basic plan.  

An enhanced plan will offer you even more reimbursements, and you’ll also get coverage for restorative dental care and orthodontics. This means oral surgery, crowns, periodontics, dentures, and crowns will be included, among other treatments.  

We will discuss rates and will tell you how you can save. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, and this is an aspect of our insurance services that our brokers prioritize. We will answer all your questions regarding dental insurance and will also address any concerns you may have.  

Many of our insurers offer dentist insurance, as well as commercial insurance, auto, home, renters, and much more. With the best customer care, we shop for the absolute best insurance premiums. If you want to work with a reputable insurance brokerage that you can trust, give us a call at  1-877-514-7873. We are always eager to help and will take the time to ensure you receive the best coverage and rates possible! 

Professional Liability Insurance for Dentists

Being a dentist means you constantly face risks at work each day. Even with the utmost care, you or an employee may still make an error. While performing routine cleanings, if you or a hygienist accidentally scratches a patient’s tooth, you could be forced to pay damage costs. Similarly, while performing dental surgery, you can accidentally miss the vein and your patient is now in pain the entire surgery. Both of these situations could result in you being faced with legal and damages fees. When you have Professional Liability insurance, which is also known as Errors and Omissions insurance, the financial costs could be partially or entirely covered. Professional Liability covers damages and legal costs associated with accused negligence, accused malpractice and personal injury.

Commercial General Liability Insurance for Dentists

Where Professional Liability covers damages patients incur as a result of something you do, Commercial General Liability covers damages sustained from your physical office. For example, if a patient slips and falls on a wet spot on the floor, costs may be covered by CGL. The same applies if a patient’s property is damaged while visiting your office. Essentially, CGL policies cover non-professional acts of negligence and accidents, those of which are not covered under a Professional Liability insurance policy.

Commercial General Liability Insurance for Dentists

For the duration of your development job, you will need commercial builder risk insurance. Even before you break ground on a project, you will need to secure insurance coverage. Builder’s risk insurance is similar to property insurance, except it is for property still under construction. It financially protects your project site, contents and unfinished buildings from damage due to named causes. Typically, these causes are fire, storms, lightning or explosions. You can negotiate certain specific risks with your policy issuer – collaborate with isure to discuss policy contract period and policy specifics.

Commercial Property Insurance

Protect your practice from physical damages as a result of fire, explosion, water pipes bursting or criminal activity with Commercial Property Insurance. Restoration and rebuild costs can be devastating to any business if you don’t have insurance. As a dentist, you have extremely valuable property and professional equipment, such as expensive x-ray machines. Consider adding content insurance to your commercial property policy and protect your practice’s equipment from the same potential hazards.

To speak with an isure broker about bundling different types of insurance for your dental practice, call us today! Our experts will help you find the lowest rate for the best fit and highest quality coverage.