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“When it comes to newly-married couples and household expenses like insurance, 41% said they split expenses 50/50, 40% said they paid for things in proportion to their income, 17% dealt with them as they came up and 2% said that one person pays for everything.”

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isure Advice for the Newly Engaged

There is a lot of planning that goes into a wedding. Typically, most engaged or newlywed couples don’t consider calling their insurance broker to inform them of this new change in their lives. Discussing your insurance is very important, and our reputable insurance brokers at isure can help.

Being a newlywed is very exciting, and there’s a lot to do when starting this new chapter of your life together. We will provide you with all of the information you need and will discuss ways that you can save money in your newlywed status. Combining your car insurance together is a great place to start, and our team will help you select the coverage that will best suit your needs as a newlywed couple.

Married couples will often be able to take advantage of discounted rates for both auto and home insurance, meaning you may pay lower rates for both your auto and home insurance plans.

A homeowner’s insurance policy will cover your possessions and valuables up to the policy limit, and your liability will also be protected in case someone is injured on your property. The home itself would be covered as well, so you would have peace of mind knowing you have the coverage you need as you embark on this new and exciting chapter with your partner.

If you are a newly engaged or married couple looking for discounted rates and customized coverage, contact our reputable and reliable isure brokers today!

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