The Ontario provincial government recently announced that they are now accepting electronic pink slips (known as pink slips or pink cards) as electronic proof of car insurance.

The introduction of digital proof of insurance in Ontario is just one of many ways the government is planning to reform auto insurance. Other reforms in the “Putting Drivers First” plan include: increasing the number of plans available to drivers, making the claim process easier, and creating better competition between insurance providers to make insurance rates better for Ontario drivers.

What do these insurance pink slips mean for Ontario drivers?

Easier accessibility. The introduction of car insurance electronic pink slips is not new. In fact, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador are some of the provinces that can show electronic proof of insurance. Also, advancements in digital technology presents a stronger case to introduce this option.

Convenience. Gone are the days of having to rummage through your glove compartment or documents to find your car insurance slip.

Important tips to keep in mind as an Ontario driver:

    • Keep the hard copy of your car insurance pink slip handy. Electronic pink slips or proof of insurance will gradually phase in over the course of the year. Insurance companies will be issuing both the hard copy and e-version if you request it. If you prefer to have a hard copy, that is still an option. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to always request a hard copy of the insurance pink slip. It mitigates risks if weird things are happening with your phones. It also meets the requirements of showing proof of auto insurance since that differs in every province/country.

Note: at this point in time there hasn’t been any updates if there will be a fee associated with having the hard copy nor if it’s being completely eliminated.

  • Dead phones or damaged screens don’t matter. If your phone battery or is dead or you have a poor signal, or an extensively cracked screen, these factors do not matter. You must be able to show electronic proof of car insurance at all times.
  • If you loan your car to someone make sure they have proof of car insurance. With the electronic pink slip you have the capability of emailing the electronic version if anyone is using your card.

Having proof of car insurance electronically can make your life much easier. At isure, we’re here to make life simpler. If you love using your smartphone, get a quick online quote today.

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