Finding cheap high risk insurance after a DUI can be difficult. Many insurers do not work with high risk drivers, and the ones that do are sometimes difficult to find. It’s why you should request a car insurance quote through isure. We have access to dozens of the top insurers in Ontario, including ones that will insure a driver after a DUI. At isure, we know that mistakes happen. A DUI is certainly one of the biggest mistakes you can make with your car. But, mistakes are there to learn from and help you to not make them again. Our certified insurance brokers will help you without judgment to access the best DUI auto insurance rates we can find.


A DUI is an acronym for Driving Under the Influence, which is also called Impaired Driving. Driving Under the Influence, or Impaired Driving is when you operate a motorized vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A DUI charge can come from operating a car, a truck, a boat, a snowmobile or other motor vehicles.

DUI’s are most commonly associated with drinking and driving. The roadside blow tests detect alcohol content in your blood. The higher the alcohol content, the worse punishment that you could face. Drugs can also lead to a DUI charge, but, development is still ongoing for roadside testing. There are new systems coming into effect soon. They will enable police officers to accurately detect common drugs in someone’s body.


When it comes to DUI, there are three classifications when it comes to the alcohol content in your blood.

  • Zero BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). Drivers under the age of 21 or those who are novice drivers MUST keep a Zero BAC.
  • Warning BAC. If the driver has a blood alcohol content between .05 and .08, as tested by the BAC blow test or a Standard Field Sobriety Test there are severe punishments.
  • DUI BAC. If any driver has a blood alcohol content of higher than .08, they will immediatelybe charged with DUI.


For a young or inexperienced driver, the punishment for having ANY alcohol content is severe. The absolute minimum punishment includes an immediate 24-hour license suspension. If convicted, the license will be re-suspended for at least 30 days and a fine will be issued.

For anyone who fails the Standard Field Sobriety Test or blows in the Warn Range of .05 and .08, punishments are immediate. For a first time offense, a 3-day license suspension and a fine. A second offense within 5-years will result in a 7-day license suspension, mandatory education program and a fine. A third offense within 5-years results in a 30-day license suspension, mandatory education, a 6-month ignition interlock and a fine.

For anyone who tests over the 0.08 limit OR is deemed impaired by a Drug Recognition Expert OR refuses any kind of drug/alcohol test – they’ll immediately be subject to a 90-day license suspension, a fine and a 7-day vehicle impoundment.

It’s important to know that these are the punishments that are issued then and there. The case will go to court and further punishments are very likely when it comes to DUI. For a full list of possible DUI charges and punishments, read the Ontario Ministry of Transportation Impaired Driving and DUI laws.


High risk insurance is a type of auto insurance specifically for high risk drivers. Drivers with a high risk designation are made by insurance companies based upon previous driving records. One of the most common reasons to be labeled a high risk driver is if you have been issued a DUI. In addition to DUI, other high risk insurance seekers may have:

  • Been in many minor traffic incidents.
  • Been speeding excessively/street racing.
  • Have two or more ‘at fault’ accidents.
  • Many tickets for a variety of reasons.

The biggest impact being as a high risk driver has on you is your ability to access cheap insurance. This is especially true in finding cheap DUI insurance. As there are fewer insurers that work with high risk drivers, the competition on insurance rates is fewer. At the same time, high risk insurance often comes at a higher premium. At isure, that’s where we aim to help high risk insurance seekers to find quality and affordable insurance. We compare the rates of the high risk insurance providers on the market and find you the best DUI auto insurance rates. We’ll also highly ways to save on your car insurance whether through insurance discounts or cars that are cheaper to insure.


If you’re convicted of a DUI, you immediately get classified as high risk driver. That designation makes auto insurance significantly more expensive on average. You could see your car insurance premiums go up by two, three or even five times as high as a driver with a clean record.


To clear a DUI from your record, and remove the high risk insurance designation, you will need to be a clean driver for several years. Some insurance companies keep your history on file for three years, while most will keep it on record for a maximum of six years. If you have been a good driver during that time, you will be able to access cheap car insurance from almost every provider. A DUI is a horrible thing, but learning and not doing it again will eventually lead to a normal life.


Managing your DUI and high risk insurance is best done with care and time. Coming back from this mistake will take a few years. When it does your access to cheap car insurance rates, along with the stigma of having a DUI will disappear. We have written in detail the best ways to manage your high risk insurance. We’ll summarize that post by saying:

  • Drive less. It’s the best way to avoid all car related issues.
  • Take a driving lesson. A professional can point out your driving habits that cause problems.
  • Drive safe. Never risk another DUI – if you’re planning on drinking, take a cab or public transit!
  • Be patient. In as few as 3, and at most 6, your record will clear. You’ll then have cheap car insurance available from almost every insurer.
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