Are you looking to save money on your Intact Insurance auto insurance policy? Call us today to discuss the Intact Insurance my Drive app to save up to 30% off your premium!

This app is only available to qualifying Intact Insurance members and must be registered by a representative from Intact Insurance or your broker from isure insurance. If you are interested in purchasing an auto insurance policy from Intact Insurance, one of the isure insurance brokers can help you get the best rate, and help you register for the my Drive app to save even more!

If you currently have an auto insurance policy from Intact Insurance and are interested in this app, please give us a call so we can register you as quickly as possible!

Intact Insurance is Canada’s largest home, auto, and business insurance company, the choice of millions of consumers. Its coast-to-coast presence and its strong relationship with insurance brokers mean they can provide the outstanding service, comfort, and continuity customers deserve. They commit time and financial resources to help foster safe and vibrant communities across Canada with youth-at-risk, and to helping communities prepare for long-lasting changes in weather patterns by addressing climate change adaptation initiatives.

How The my Drive APP Works

Download & Register with the App

Drive with the App

Get Evaluated

Save on your premium depending on your score.

After you are registered and have downloaded my Drive app, it will track every time you drive and give you a score out of 100 for each trip. The score is based on your speed, smoothness (braking and acceleration), and focus (if you take a phone call, it will track if you are talking hands-free or not). If your average score is 60 or above, you can save up to 30%, but if you score below 60, your initial premium won’t increase.

Certified Insurer

Since the Year 1986

Why isure

As the largest insurer in Canada, they are important player market and at isure. Canadian-owned and -operated they are real success story have grown rapidly over the years. Professional managed, they have strong offering in auto, home and commercial insurance. They also write high risk auto through their subsidiary jevco.

Message From

Professionally managed, and likely the best known insurance company brand in Canada, Great offerings on a broad spectrum of client profiles.

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