Best Pickering Home Insurance rates

Pickering is a city in the GTA,  just east of Scarborough. The same risks that impact Toronto residents extends to Pickering residents as well. While you may be doing everything right, there are a few risks that are impossible to prevent. The only way to protect your home in every way is with insurance. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell the future, and when it comes to fire, water, or tree damage, restoration costs can be monumental. With home insurance, costs are subsidized or completely covered. If you would like content coverage as well, talk to an isure broker today! 

The isure Pickering Home Insurance Advantage

Since 2006, isure has been forward-thinking when it comes to insurance and setting ourselves apart from the competition. No one does insurance quotes like we do! From value and freedom to customization and innovation, we constantly improve our offerings in all sectors. Insurance may not always be fun, but isure believes in making your insurance process easy and friendly.

Why Trust isure as your Pickering Home Insurance Broker?

Personalized Attention

Because we value our clients so much, we incorporate human interaction wherever we can. We aim to make something as mundane as insurance extremely friendly. Our team wants to get to know you. Not only is this for ourselves, but it actually means we can offer you more personalized coverage options.

Responsive Claims

Our lightning-fast digital speeds are always backed by a human broker. The human touch has begun to fade away in some other industry sectors thanks to technology, but isure believes in looping the two together to provide you with the best and fastest customer service, 24/7/365!

More Savings

We can offer our clients more savings at great rates! We shop a variety of coverage rates and come back to you with the best and cheapest ones to choose from. We will go through each with you, and help you decide which rate and coverage plan works best. We aim to deliver the best peace of mind for you and your Pickering family!

Insight And Attention

isure provides clients with a deeper knowledge of insurance. We simplify complex language and promote transparency. Our agents are more than happy to provide clarification and to answer all of your questions with the utmost accuracy and exactness.

Control Your Home Insurance Policy

Trying to guess if your home is covered from certain types of damage is not something that you should be thinking about after an accident. isure wants you to be involved with your coverage every step of the way. Our brokers consult you on your exact needs, so the guessing can be taken out of coverage.

Get the leading insurance policies with the best personalized options you deserve.


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