Best Home Insurance rates in Port Perry

Settled along Lake Scugog, Port Perry is a quaint little town located only an hour outside the city. Known for its beautiful architecture and cute cafés, it is a popular destination for city folk to venture to during the summer months to enjoy a day off and a bite to eat. For the residents of the town, serene lake views and walks through the historic downtown core are nothing out of the ordinary. In order to protect your home as a resident, insurance is a requisite. There is no sure way to prevent home damage, which is why accepting these risks is your first step to protecting your home from them. 

Home insurance protects your residence from natural and unnatural damages that arise from fire, lightning, storm, theft, and vandalism. Some home insurance policies may protect homeowners from flooding and earthquakes, though they may need to be negotiated into the agreement. Adding flood insurance is especially advantageous for Port Perry residents with lakeside homes. 

The isure Home Insurance Advantage

isure has been a trusted insurance brokerage for over 15 years and consistently remains up to date with changes in the industry and standards. Our policies are extremely comprehensive and protect our clients from more than just typical home risks. Household liability coverage, medical coverage and water damage protection are all standard options available to our clients.

Why Trust isure as your Port Perry Home Insurance Broker?

Personalized Attention

Our personal service starts the moment you call us. We assign you to a single insurance broker who will get to know you, your family and your home needs in order to deliver the best service possible. Our team keeps track of each natural event and will call after severe weather just to check that everything is okay. Think of us as your virtual neighbours!

Responsive Claims

In addition to personalized attention, our claims team is ready, no matter the day or time. Disaster doesn’t wait for regular work hours and neither do we. File a claim whenever it happens and get your home back to its former glory, faster!

More Savings

Save hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars when you choose isure. We work with over 25 licensed insurance suppliers to find you the best price for your exact insurance needs!

Insight And Attention

Our insurance team pays consistent attention to events that take place in the insurance community, as well as relevant adjacent industries. We aim to implement innovative technologies as soon as we can to keep our service top-notch.

Control Your Home Insurance Policy

Having control over your policy shouldn’t be something you have to fight for. With isure, you can make changes to your policy coverage with just one phone call. Our number one priority is to amend your policy to meet your changing needs.

Get the leading insurance policies with the best personalized options you deserve.


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