Honda Car Insurance 

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Honda Auto Insurance

Are you looking for Honda Car insurance?  Car Insurance is a non-negotiable cost of owning and driving a vehicle. Insurance costs are incredibly personal and are based on a number of unique factors. One of the factors that impacts how much you pay each month is the type of car you drive. Honda brand vehicles are very popular, but their popularity makes their respective rates much higher. 

Why is Honda Car insurance so expensive? 

For years, Honda vehicles have been one of the most popular vehicles on the road, and are also a huge target for car thieves. As of 2020, the Civic was the second most sold car, as well as the top stolen vehicle. The CRV is the leading Honda SUV and ranked top 10 in the SUV/ truck category. 

What impacts the cost of my Honda Car Insurance? 

Some of the top factors that impact the cost of your Honda include your age, driving record, where you live, the year and particular model. See below for more details: 


The older you are, the more driving experience you have, which means a teen driver will pay more in insurance than a 30-year-old would in most cases. 

Driving record 

How is your driving record? If you have a clean driving record and claims history, you will pay less than someone who has multiple driving offences or has had an accident. 

Type of car 

Not all Hondas pay the same price for insurance. However, driving a Honda Civic is the most expensive, while the Honda Odyssey is the cheapest. 

Year of car 

The year of your vehicle will impact your insurance price. Typically, newer vehicles cost more to insure than older models. 

How to lower your Honda auto insurance 

Honda insurance may be expensive, but there are ways you can catch a break when it comes to monthly payments: 

Add security features 

Because civics are frequently stolen, you can save a considerable amount each year when you take anti-theft measures. Talk to an isure broker about the best anti-theft mechanisms! 

Drive less 

Reduce the amount you drive your car and you will save. If you don’t have to drive every day, don’t! Let your insurance company know that you no longer frequently and watch the savings add up. 

Bundle home and auto insurance 

One of the best and easiest ways to save money is to bundle your home and auto insurance. Share a deductible between the two and enjoy major discounts! 

Keep a clean driving record 

When you keep a clean driving record, you prove your safe driving abilities and will be rewarded with insurance savings. 

Shop rates 

isure will shop rates and policies from different insurance providers. We’ll see where you can get the lowest rate and provide insight – that’s the perk of using an insurance broker like us!