Nobody likes overpaying for their car insurance. With prices everywhere rising within Ontario, figuring out cheaper rates is on many drivers’ minds! However, have you ever wondered if you are overpaying for your insurance? Curious as to what the average car insurance rates in Ontario are? Everyone wants to receive cheaper premiums. Luckily, isure has everything you need to know when it comes to Insurance rates within Ontario.

What is the average car insurance rate in Ontario?

The average car insurance rate in a province will depend on a variety of influences, and they will fluctuate, year to year. As of 2023, Alberta currently sits in first place with the priciest annual auto insurance premiums, at $3,151. In second, we have Nova Scotia that has a median of $2,491. Our own province of Ontario currently sits at $2,299 a year for auto insurance premiums. This is different in comparison to 2021, when Ontario sat second behind British Columbia as the second most expensive province. Currently, the province of Saskatchewan has the lowest median for annual auto insurance premiums with an annual price of $1,249.

What determines monthly car insurance rates?

The two main factors that affect your insurance rates are your personal driving history and data from other drivers in your province. For instance, accidents are more common for young drivers; the same risk goes for senior drivers. Taking these factors into account, car insurance rates will often be higher for these age groups. Additionally, where you live will be taken into consideration. For example, driving in a city is different than driving in a rural area. Vehicle usage and the type of vehicle driven will also affect rates, as there are many possibilities for error with various vehicles on the roads.

One major factor that often confuses drivers is whether or not accidents affect rates. Although accidents can affect monthly car insurance, it isn’t just black and white. For instance, if another driver is at-fault in an accident, your rates won’t be affected. But, on the other hand, if accident rates are high in your area, you may be more at-risk if you get into an accident yourself. It can be confusing, so if you would like some more in-depth answers, check out this article on 7 factors that influence your car insurance rates!

How can I lower my car insurance rates?

Lowering your car insurance rate is never the easiest task, but can be very rewarding in the long run! As stated above, there are many different things that are taken into consideration when determining the price of your car insurance premiums. Some of these can be changed quite easily, while others, such as where you live, cannot. Here are some quick tips on how to lower the rate of your car insurance:

  • Use your vehicle less: Using your vehicle less will result in a lower chance of you getting into an accident. So, if your work is close by, maybe consider taking public transportation or walking a few days of the week!
  • Maintain a clean driving record: All driving records, traffic infractions and accidents will affect your car insurance premium rates. Avoiding reckless driving and DUI’s will not only keep you and others safe, but make sure the rate of your premiums remain low.
  • Car make and model: If you are in the market for a new vehicle, try to look for cars that have a better safety rating. This will ensure you have lower insurance premiums. Here is a list of the top picks for the safest cars for 2023!

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