Camping is a great activity for the whole family, no matter the season. The cooler temperatures and the beautiful scenery are just some of the benefits to camping during the fall season. Furthermore, our province has some of the most beautiful provincial parks and scenery that Canada has to offer. Here is isure’s list of the best camping spots in Ontario.

1. Killarney Provincial Park — Killarney, ON

best camping spots in Ontario - Killarney Provincial Park

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Located at George Lake, just four hours north of Toronto, is Killarney Provincial Park. An ideal spot for camping, the mountains and the lake create a beautiful place for families to enjoy. There are camping spots for both RVs and tents, with the tent spots located closer to the lake. If you are travelling with a bigger group, there are two cabins and yurts available for up to six people. There is no shortage of hiking trails in Killarney Provincial Park, and the town of Killarney is very close. Killarney Provincial Park is open year-round, but is especially beautiful in the fall. There are many activities you can enjoy, such as canoeing, hiking, and taking in the famous pink granite landscape of Georgian Bay. Killarney Provincial Park stretches 645 sq kilometres, with sights such as the Jack Pine Hills, the La Cloche Mountains, and over 50 lakes!

2. Algonquin Provincial Park — Whitney, ON

best camping spots in Ontario - Algonquin Provincial Park

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Spanning over 8,000 square kilometres, Algonquin Provincial Park is a great camping spot for couples and families alike. There are plenty of campgrounds to choose from, such as the Lake of Two Rivers and Achray. Looking for hiking and biking trails? You’ll have a difficult time picking one! There’s also access to a beach if you’d like to launch a canoe. As for camping, you’ll have two options at Algonquin Provincial Park; sites you can drive to and sites in the backcountry. The sites accessible by driving feature RV spots, lodges, yurts, and cabins. Sites accessible by canoe or on foot feature ranger cabins and spots to set up a tent. One of this park’s highlights is the wildlife you can encounter and enjoy everyday. There are two main forest types in Algonquin Provincial Park: deciduous forests in the southern part and coniferous forests in the north. There are also over 1,500 lakes, 1,200 streams, and 54 species of fish located in Algonquin Provincial Park. Fishing is a very popular activity when visiting Algonquin Provincial Park, with the Brook and Lake Trout being the most famous fish to catch. Visit the lakes along Highway 60 for the best luck!

3. Sandbanks Provincial Park — Picton, ON

best camping spots in Ontario - Sandbanks Provincial Park

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With over 500 campsites and four distinct campgrounds, Sandbanks Provincial Park is a great camping option for the whole family. On the shore of Lake Ontario, Sandbanks Provincial Park features plenty of hiking trails, marshlands, and sand dunes. Choose from over 500 car campsites, including spaces that accommodate larger trailers, and feature laundry facilities and water taps. The five campgrounds at Sandbanks Provincial Park are:

  1. Outlet River A
  2. Outlet River B
  3. Cedars (located in the East Rivers section)
  4. Richardson’s (located in the West Rivers section)
  5. Woodlands (located in the middle of the park).

There is an option for every type of camper! Outlet A and Cedars are great choices for families, whereas Richardson’s, Outlet B, and Woodlands are more secluded, ideal for a couples getaway. 

4. Bon Echo Provincial Park — Cloyne, ON

best camping spots in Ontario - Bon Echo Provincial Park

View of Mazinaw Rock at Bon Echo Provincial Park. Photographer: Evan Holt, Photo via

Featuring a massive granite rock wall, Bon Echo Provincial Park is a beautiful and scenic camping spot. There are two main campsites available, both including electricity:

  1. Hardwood Hill Campground has 100 campsites
  2. Mazinaw Campground has 395 campsites.

Take a short walk down to Mazinaw Lake, or look for wildlife between the beautiful white pine trees. There are also many hiking trails to enjoy, including a 1.4 km pet exercise loop where your furry friends can go off-leash and run around. Mazinaw Lake is the perfect location to take a canoe out or go fishing, with Yellow Pickerel, Small and Large Mouth Bass, and Northern Pike being some of the fish you will find. You can even bring your boat and take it out on the lake!

5. Oastler Lake Provincial Park — Parry Sound, ON

Oastler Lake Provincial Park

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Oastler Lake Provincial Park is a great camping spot if you are looking for a quieter getaway. Located on a small lake very close to Toronto, Oastler Provincial Park features a 75 km bike trail and beautiful scenery, including deciduous and pine trees. Oastler Provincial Park is a great location for car camping, with a comfort station, bathrooms, and drinking water on site. There are many activities you can enjoy at Oastler Lake Provincial Park, including biking, canoeing, fishing, and boating, which is why it makes our list of best camping spots in Ontario. If you’re looking for groceries, Perry Sound is just a few minutes down the road.

6. Bronte Creek Provincial Park — Oakville, ON

Bronte Creek Provincial Park

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Bronte Creek Provincial Park is a great camping spot for beginner campers. With a grocery store five minutes away, electricity, and even great cell service, Bronte Creek is a good option if you’re trying camping for the first time. There are activities for the whole family, such as a farm on site, where kids can meet and pet live animals. Additionally, there are five hiking trails along 12 Mile Creek. RVs are also welcome! Enjoy biking and hiking trails, fishing, and disc golf courses during your stay. There are also over 190 species of birds that call Bronte Creek Provincial Park home, so keep a look out for birds of prey, eagles, hawks, merlin, owls, and kestrels. 

7. Neys Provincial Park — Neys, ON

Neys Provincial Park

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Located on a bay facing Lake Superior, Neys Provincial Park is another great camping spot. There are four campgrounds, each featuring different landscapes for you and your family to enjoy. Enjoy a walk by the water with the kiddies before nightfall comes and it’s s’more-making time! You’ll love the beautiful hiking trails, so don’t forget your camera. Almost half of the campsites at Neys Provincial Park have electricity and cabins, so this camping spot is another great option for new campers. There is also onsite parking available. 

8. Awenda Provincial Park — Tiny, ON

Awenda Provincial Park

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Featuring lots of natural beauty, Awenda Provincial Park is one of the many great camping spots in Ontario if you’re looking for a quiet getaway. This campsite is completely pet-friendly, so feel free to bring your furry friend along as you explore one (or all) of the seven trails this park has to offer, along with the beauty of the Georgian Bay coastline. The cottage accommodations will give you an elevated camping experience, with electrical appliances and running water. Make sure to bring your own bedding, cooking/eating utensils, and food! Enjoy lots of activities during your stay, such as biking, boating, canoeing, birding, fishing, or hiking.

9. Killbear Provincial Park — Nobel, ON

Killbear Provincial Park

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Killbear Provincial Park is one of the most popular camping spots for families in Ontario. With 880 campsites across the park, and lots of natural beauty, you can enjoy the various hiking and biking trails, or go canoeing on Georgian Bay. Killbear Provincial Park is also a great option for big parties, with campsites that fit up to 25 people. Enjoy, biking, boating, birding, fishing, hiking, and canoeing during your stay. There is also a laundromat, a park store, and a pet exercise area on site.

10. Agawa Bay Campground — Wawa, ON

If you’re looking to enjoy some time by Lake Superior on your camping trip, Agawa Bay Campground is the spot for you. Almost all of the camping spots are located on the water, so you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and natural beauty. There are only 147 campsites, so this is the perfect camping spot for a quiet getaway. Agawa Bay Campground features 130 km of hiking trails and 150 km of canoe routes, so there are lots of opportunities to take in the natural landscapes. Rabbit Blanket Lake Campground and Agawa Bay Campground are reserved for car camping only, and both sites feature electricity. Make sure to stop by the Visitor Centre, where you can learn about Agawa Bay’s cultural history and visit the gift shop.

We hope our list of the best camping spots in Ontario helps you plan the perfect fall family getaway!

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