When researching car insurance, finding the correct information can sometimes be confusing. At isure, we strive to put our customers first by giving you all the information necessary to make insurance-based decisions. However, you may be wondering when the best time is to purchase car insurance. It’s a valid question to have, and a great one because it has multiple answers. If you are looking for ways to save on your car insurance, we have a complete guide to car insurance discounts, as well as tips when it comes to saving on car insurance. Now, let’s take a look at some occasions where it may be the best time to buy car insurance.

Buy car insurance before renewal

To begin, one of the worst times to buy car insurance is after your policy already expires. Unfortunately, this is what many people tend to do. Buying insurance in haste will result in you paying more than if you were to shop around and explore your options before renewal. As such, the moment you receive your renewal paperwork, you should begin shopping! This will give you plenty of time and the best opportunity to find discounts on car insurance. A good start is to find a new provider by having isure compare quotes for you.

If you do happen to find a new provider early on, it will help make the process easy and give you a clean break. If you decide to stick to your current provider, you may also be giving yourself the opportunity to access loyalty discounts. Like anything, the more time you give yourself when shopping for car insurance, the better chance you have at finding great coverage for the best rate. So, even if you already have car insurance, consider requesting a quote with us to see if you can save more money.

Buy car insurance before you need it

If you’ve been contemplating buying that new car you’ve been thinking about, the best time to buy car insurance is before you purchase a new car. Different cars will cost different amounts to insure. This will depend on the make, model, safety and if it’s used, how much wear-and-tear the car has. If you are trying to decide between two different cars, you can make your decision easier by seeing how affordable the insurance on each is. By comparing insurers, the savings can be so significant on “safer” cars that you may be able to buy a new car with the money you’ve saved on insurance! Make sure you make buying beforehand a part of your new car process.

Is there a specific month that is best?

It may be surprising, but when you purchase your car insurance may have an affect on the price you pay. We are already aware that factors, such as the car’s model, age and safety, can affect insurance premium rates, but what about the month or day you buy? Research reveals that insurance prices in the province are lowest in July, August, September and October. Though the explanation isn’t clear, it is stated that during these months, insurance companies receive a higher volume of business. This can be because car manufacturers release new vehicles during these months. This means it may be worth doing your research in the spring, so come summer, you will be ready to buy.

We hope that after this, you will have no worries when it comes to purchasing your car insurance. Remember, for the cheapest premiums and some of the best customer service, speak with one of our isure brokers!

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