CAA’s MyPace program is a quick and easy way to maintain car insurance rates in Ontario. In this article, isure has broken down everything you need to know about the CAA MyPace program, including how it works and why you may benefit from pay-as-you-drive insurance.  

What is CAA MyPace? 

CAA MyPace is a payment program that helps participants take control of their car insurance rates. By measuring the amount of time customers drive, their car insurance rates are adjusted accordingly. Participants only have to pay for the distance they’ve driven, and the MyPace coverage is the same as other CAA auto policies. Additionally, paying for a portion of your premium related to your trip’s distance may result in savings. For example, if a customer drives 5000 km, they could save up to 30% on their car insurance.

How does CAA MyPace work? 

After paying a base rate to cover you and your car (upfront or monthly,) The MyPace app will accurately record and bill the kilometres on your car, as well as collect the following data for updated rates: 

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) 
  • If the device is connected or disconnected 
  • Time and date 
  • GPS/Vehicle location 
  • Vehicle diagnostic information 
  • Speed of your vehicle
  • Accelerometer data 

MyPace uses an onboard GPS antenna and accelerometer to measure the trip’s data, updating at the end of each trip. If your vehicle is underground, it may take a minute for the data to update. Payments are measured every 1000 km and may fluctuate depending on if you’ve changed your vehicle, added/removed a driver, added/removed additional coverage, or moved to a new location. This data is stored at CAA Insurance and will be processed securely. Refer to the CAA Insurance Code of Consumer Rights and Responsibilities for additional information on your protected data. 

How do I access CAA MyPace? 

There are four simple steps to use MyPace: 

1. Enroll in the program

You can do this by either contacting a CAA Insurance agent, getting a quote or by visiting the CAA Store. As previously mentioned, you will have to pay your base rate for your first 1000 km. Besides these fees, the program is completely free. MyPace will calculate premiums based on traditional factors, such as driving record, years of driving and how far you travel. Only one vehicle per policy is allowed, so if you wish to register multiple vehicles, each must have its own policy.

2. Install the MyPace device in your car

You will receive this device with installation instructions once enrolled, along with a welcome package that includes terms and conditions. The device will light up briefly when successfully installed and will begin transmitting data while the vehicle is in use. Cellular data is required for installation, which must happen within 48 hours of receiving the device or CAA will remove you from the program.

Please note that e
lectric vehicles, motorcycles, diesel vehicles (from 2005 or older) and any vehicle older than 1997 are not eligible for this program. This is because the MyPace device will not work as the device plugs into your vehicle’s OBDII-port.

3. Download the CAA MyPace app to your smartphone

You can monitor your usage after one trip, either through the app or online. A smartphone is not required to use MyPace, as notices are sent to the mandatory email you provide when it’s time to replenish your kilometres. You will receive notices when you have used 750 km, 900 km and 950 km. At 950 km, you will be automatically charged for the next 1000 km. Talk to a CAA insurance agent if you wish to delay payment until you reach 1000 km.

4. Get driving!

This program will work for a variety of drivers. However, if you drive over 9000 km, a traditional auto insurance policy may be a better fit. If you haven’t reached 1000 km by the end of your policy, CAA will transfer the unused kilometres to the next one. Every time a payment is processed, 1000 km will automatically show up as your dashboard resets. If you change your vehicle, let CAA know as soon as possible and move your MyPace device to the new vehicle using the same installation instructions. The device won’t work in underground areas, so if you’re driving underground for an extended period of time, it may appear disconnected for a short period of time.

Are there discounts provided for safe driving? 

There are currently no discounts provided for safe driving. However, other discounts on winter tires and CAA memberships are available – just ask your isure broker! Additionally, participants cannot join other specialty CAA programs while participating in MyPace. Finally, all traditional CAA auto policy discounts are available for MyPace participants.  

How do I download the CAA MyPace app? 

Below are CAA’s instructions on how to download the MyPace app: 

  1. First, determine the type of smartphone you have. Search ‘CAA MyPace” on either the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android. Your selection will take you directly to the CAA MyPace app download page.
  2. Tap the “Get” button in the App Store or the “Install” button in Google Play to download.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. Once the download is complete, open the app.
  5. On the app’s landing page, you can either tap “Learn More” or “Get Started.”
  6. Tap “Get Started” to log into your account or create an account if you don’t already have one.
  7. Once logged in, you will be asked to add your insurance policy number if you haven’t linked your account already to CAA MyPace.
  8. Key in the policy number.
  9. You’re ready to go!

The dashboard on the app will show the number of kilometres driven, a vehicle description, your recent trips, and all trip history. Additional links will lead you to important notifications, payment history, device alerts, app settings, and additional MyPace information.  

We hope this article helps you better understand CAA’s MyPace program in order to make an informed decision if this program is right for you. As always, please feel free to contact your isure broker with any insurance questions!

Learn more about CAA’s MyPace App

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