When the dust has settled after an accident, you’ll often ask yourself many questions about how to continue. Being in a car accident can be daunting, and worrying about specifics afterwards can worsen the situation. Finding a trustworthy and professional auto repair shop will be one of your top priorities if your car is in need of repairs. Luckily, isure has you covered! We have the top tips to finding the best auto repair shop for you and your car.

1. Ask around about repair shops

This may seem obvious, but asking friends and family members for recommendations on a good auto repair shop is a great place to start. Everybody knows how effective “word of mouth” can be! It’s important to keep in mind if your friend has a vehicle that is similar to yours. Or, if they had repairs done similar to what you are looking for. Many different auto repair shops can be better at different things. Take notes of which places are recommended, then visit each of their websites to do your own research from there.

2. Find a shop for your specific car type

In many cases, your best bet may be to find a repair shop that specializes in your specific car type. Many garages throughout Ontario will specialize in certain makes. Whether this means the brand of car you drive or the model type; having someone who focuses on your specific vehicle will be more likely to help you. Why? Because they’ll likely have mechanics with the latest training and equipment in order to get your car back on the road! You may also want to see if the brand of car you drive has a dealership close by to you.

3. Search the internet for reviews

Like many things, the internet is useful when it comes to finding auto repair shops. A quick Google search will show you information on the best auto repair shops in your area. Additionally, many of these places will have reviews from real customers that have had experiences with them. Generally speaking, if a place has mostly negative reviews, you’ll want to avoid it. You can also search websites, such as Consumer Reports’ car repair estimator or Cartalk.com. The former is free for Consumer Reports’ online subscribers!

4. Check with the Better Business Bureau

When looking for credible, trustworthy businesses, the Better Business Bureau is an excellent tool! When it comes to common complaints with the Better Business Bureau, auto repair shops rank 12th on their list. On their website, you will find information to help you figure out which shops you want to avoid and which you might want to consider looking into further. Simply visit bbb.org, search for auto repair and choose your location. From there, you’re given a plethora of options that may suit your needs.

5. Find a convenient repair shop close to home

Even if the shop has extremely great reviews, it might not be worth your time if it’s located an hour away. On top of this, hours of operation may conflict with your schedule. In many cases, auto repair shops will supply transportation for you, to and from the shop, so that you have a safe method of getting home and back. Generally speaking, as long as the reviews are good and it is within close proximity to your house, you should feel free to go with the specified auto repair shop for your needs.

6. Ask about warranties!

When it comes to getting work done on your car, warranties are a huge player! When researching an auto repair shop, it is always worth looking into what warranties the shop supplies. What type of guarantees does the shop give on repair work? Will you be covered if your repairs break within a week? Warranties vary greatly among shops, so ask about them ahead of time. In order to make sense of the warranties available, use a common repair, such as brake work, as your guide!

Remember, no matter what type of work you’re getting done on your car, you should always have great insurance in place to back yourself up. If you are in the market for insurance or are looking to make a claim, give us a call at isure. Request a quote today!

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