There are a lot of car care myths out there. The reason they spread is that every myth comes with an ounce of truth. That makes them difficult to separate from reality because they are completely believable. While most myths aren’t dangerous, they are usually costing you money that you could otherwise be saving! And speaking of saving – one of the biggest myths is that you can’t save on car insurance. Get a quote from us in minutes, and see how much you could save with isure!

Car Care Myths: 5000KM Oil Changes

Depending on who you ask, your oil should be changed every 5000KM, while others say 10,000KM. In truth, neither is accurate. You should get your oil changed when your car needs the oil changed. No two cars is the same, nor are the driving conditions – so you need to pay close attention to what your specific car recommends. A Ford F650 is going to have a different oil change requirement than a Honda Civic.

Regular Fuel is Fine, Premium Fuel is Better

This car care myth is simple: If your car runs great on regular fuel, using premium would be better. Others alter this myth slightly, by treating premium gas like a car ‘treat’. Every now and then, filling up with premium to help keep things purring. In truth, most cars are designed with regular fuel in mind and running premium does nothing to change that. Premium fuel experiences fewer pre-ignition problems, making it ideal for high compression engines. But standard engines don’t have those problems. You can use premium if you want, but it’s not doing anything other than costing you money.

On Cold Days, Let Your Engine Warm for Minutes

The reason these car care myths continue is that it was once true. Today’s modern cars, and those made over the last couple decades, no longer need long warm-up periods in cold weather. 10-20 seconds is more than enough time to get your engine properly operating. Longer times won’t hurt, and will benefit the driver – by warming the interior! Few things are worse than a cold steering wheel. Oh, and as we’ve said before – don’t rev a cold engine!

Winterizing Your Car Requires Special Maintenance

We’ve written about winterizing your car, which may play into the myth. Winterizing your car involves a series of tasks that you can perform (as well as an expert). There are no special skills required, and it’s not much different than any other maintenance. If a mechanic says you need ‘winterizing’, they aren’t selling you anything tangible. All they will do is regular service during the change of seasons.

You MUST Replace Tires in Pairs or Quads

While it IS generally advised to replace tires in pairs or quads, it’s not required. Your tires will wear down differently based on usage. For example, if you make lots of left turns – your front left tire will wear down faster than the 3 others. Therefore, it’s recommended to do a tire rotation, swapping front left with rear right. This allows usage to be balanced. Now, when you decide to replace tires – if you only have the budget for one – replace the most worn tire first. It’s better to replace two, but if one is okay.

Using Dish Soap to Wash your Car

Car manuals always suggest using a ‘mild’ soap when washing them – and dishwashing soap says mild on it. But, it’s not advised! Dishwashing soap will leave your car TOO clean by washing away protective wax from the vehicle’s exterior and speed up rusting. You should only use a washing liquid specifically designed for vehicles.

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