Let’s face it; working from home has become more common post-pandemic. As a result, you’re probably looking to create a space you enjoy being in that will make you feel productive. Finding that balance between comfort, style, and functionality can be challenging working remotely, but it’s not impossible. Here are some of our simple tips for designing your dream home office space.

1. Set up a budget for yourself

First off, let’s start with the numbers. When starting any project, one of the most important things is setting up a budget: research online to see what you may need and the average prices for those things. For example, if you are in the market for a new desk, look at different stores and online marketplaces to get an idea of the prices. Then, carve out how much you will spend on it and start the hunt! You should start with stores like IKEA, JYSK, and Structube if you are looking for more affordable options, and if you are handy and love a good craft, try considering places like Facebook marketplace and find yourself a good fixer-upper with a more reasonable price tag.

2. Create a mood board for your dream home office

Now that the numbers are out let’s start with the fun stuff! When beginning the design process for your dream home office, it helps to have some inspiration. Finding references or inspirational photos on Pinterest is a great place to start. Other places you can look for inspiration include Instagram or Tiktok. Many organizational videos help motivate you to get the job done, even on a budget!

3. Hire a professional (if budget allows)

It may be that some don’t feel confident in their design skills, but not to worry! Tons of different interior design experts can help you out. While this may not be as classically budget-friendly as doing it yourself, it is still a great option. But do keep in mind that if you choose to hire a professional, you should come in with some ideas on what you are looking for in your space, whether it be colour palette or functionality.

4. Figure out the functionality of your space

Now that you have some inspiration for your dream office, you can start to look for what will populate your office. Although aesthetics are important, remember that functionality comes first. Go through how your space will be used, and note any hiccups or issues you have during the day. What limitations do you have? How big can your desk be? Do you require a standing desk? After establishing these things, you can look at your list and think of ways to make your home office more efficient and purposeful.

5. Create a good foundation for your home office

One of the most significant issues with a home office is efficiency. It is sometimes hard to keep track of everything when the space is so far integrated with the rest of your life. What will help with these speedbumps in your everyday use of your home office space? The organization is critical. With this in mind, consider investing in some tools, such as desk dividers and file folders. You can find plenty of items at any home accessory store and endless options on Amazon.

6. Time to customize!

With all the previous steps in mind, you can finally assemble everything. Look back at those references you found, take what works for you, and begin to customize and assemble! Remember, when creating your dream home office, creating a space you want to return to and enjoy working at is critical. Do whatever you need to create that space; restock with new stationery, maybe upcycle, and customize what you already have. It is your office space, and you will be using it a lot, so you might as well make it a space you love to be in. The personal touches make your space specific to you, so add some photos, plants and other items to make it more personalized.

Remember, the organization is critical when making your dream home office a reality. Keep everything in its place and try not to overcomplicate things. While making a space that looks amazing is essential, building a system that works for you to keep yourself on track is even more critical. Happy designing!

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