Ordering a copy of your driving record or abstract can be a good idea if you’ve noticed your car insurance premiums or quotes are creeping up higher than you think they should. Maybe a past speeding ticket has slipped your mind, or a fender-bender a couple of years back? Your driving history starts from the day you first get behind the wheel and follows you throughout your life as a driver. We’ve answered some commonly asked questions about obtaining your driving history below.

Who can see my driving history?

Other than your own eyes, and anyone you may authorize to view it, your driving record or abstract can be accessed by:

  • Your insurance company. They use your driving record as a factor when determining your auto insurance rates.
  • The police. To check your driving record during a traffic stop or investigation.
  • Judicial services. They can access your driving record to settle court cases involving you and your vehicle.

Driving record or driver’s abstract: What’s the difference?

It’s common for people to use the terms “driving record” and “driver’s abstract” interchangeably, but they can potentially mean different things. Your driving record is a record of you as a licensed driver in Ontario. Regardless of your licence type, it is a record of your driving history. A driver’s abstract is one type of driving record that you can order, and acts as a snapshot of your driving history. It does not include all the information on your driving record, such as:

  • Traffic violations
  • Demerit points
  • Accidents
  • Cancelled or suspended licences
  • Active fine suspensions
  • Criminal code and highway traffic act convictions, suspensions and reinstatements
  • For a complete run-down of each type of driving record available, please click here

What is the CVOR Abstract?

The Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration Abstract, or CVOR abstract, is a document for commercial drivers. It contains general information about the driver’s history, including their licence status, its issue and expiry date, due date for medical, active Highway Traffic Act and Criminal Code of Canada convictions, suspensions and reinstatements over the past three years, conviction dates, offence date, demerit points, and description(s) of violations. These abstracts are for commercial auto insurance purposes. All carriers must have a valid CVOR certificate in each truck or commercial vehicle they operate. This includes tow trucks and buses.

Do insurance companies check my driving history before renewal?

It depends on the insurer. Many will check your driving record at car insurance renewal time to ensure there are no new tickets or accidents. Though, they can check it any time they choose.

How far back do insurance companies go to check your driving records?

Insurers have different policies about how far back they check driving records. Most will look back three years for tickets and six years for accidents. Some insurers may look up to 10 years back for accidents.

What is a clean drivers abstract Ontario?

A clean driver’s abstract means you have a clean record. Therefore, this means you do not have any tickets or accidents within the last three years.

How long are driver’s abstracts good for?

Your driver’s abstract will go back three years from the date you request it. As a snapshot of your driving history. it will list your identification details, demerit points, convictions, and active fine suspensions. This information will change over time so there isn’t an expiration date, merely updates.

Do tickets go on your driving record?

Yes. All traffic tickets and violations will appear on your driving record. They will stay on your record for three years.

Do insurance companies check driving records or driver history?

Yes. Your record will show any suspensions or driving courses, both of which can affect your insurance rates significantly. The history includes:

  • Driver identification details
  • Ontario Beginner Driver Education course completion
  • A list of current and all residential addresses recorded on the record
  • All driver’s licence replacements, renewals, class changes and any other changes

What is AutoPlus and what does it have to do with my premiums?

Your driver’s abstract is one of multiple resources that insurance companies use to provide you with a quote or to renew your policy. There is an insurance history database called AutoPlus that provides information like:

  • Previous claims you made and ones against you
  • Accidents and violations
  • Long-term insurance history
  • Cancellations for non-payment or underwriting reasons
  • A list of vehicles you’ve insured to-date
  • A list of drivers in your household (past, current, and potential drivers included)

What is the difference between a certified and uncertified record?

A certified record has been signed by a ministry official and can be used as legal proof of your driving history. An uncertified record is simply a printout of your driving history and cannot be used for legal purposes.

How do I get my Ontario driver’s abstract online?

You can get your Ontario driver’s abstract online by visiting the Ministry of Transportation website and clicking on the “Order a Driving Record” link. On the next page, select the type of driving record you would like to order (e.g. complete history, last five years, etc.) and enter your personal information as required. Once you have completed all the fields, click on the “Submit” button to proceed with payment. Your order will be processed in 15 business days and sent to your mailing address.

How much does a driver’s abstract cost in Ontario?

An uncertified driver’s abstract in Ontario costs $12.00. A certified driver’s abstract may cost up to $18.

How long does it take to get a driver abstract in Ontario?

It usually takes 15 business days to get a driver’s abstract in Ontario.

How long does it take to clear your driving record in Ontario?

Most convictions will stay on your driving record for at least three years. Some convictions, such as those for impaired driving, will remain on your record for longer. You may be able to have a conviction removed from your record if you complete a rehabilitation program.

If you have any questions about details listed on your drivers history, or would like some advice on how to improve your insurance rate, talk to one of our isure brokers today.

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