At its core, the purpose of Earth Day is to teach people simple strategies to conserve energy and participate in environmental conservation. So, on this Earth Day, why not find fun ways to teach children to be more aware of their environmental footprint? Spending some quality family time discussing our Earth and getting involved in any one of these eventd is a great way to drive this home. We have put together a list of Earth Day activities, resources and community suggestions for your family to enjoy!

Earth Day activities the whole family can enjoy

Here are some great ideas to consider while planning your Earth Day activities:

1. Leave your car at home

Utilize your bike, take transit or walk to school or work to reduce your carbon footprint.

2. Do some yard work

Focus your energy towards the backyard and consider rolling up your sleeves doing some yard work. While raking leaves, be careful to watch out for smaller animals that have made their winter homes there.

3. Turn off all electronics

Turn the laptop, TV or iPad off and play some classic board games or cards with the family.

4. Compost with your family

Make an effort to compost daily. Compost paper bags are available at your local garden or grocery store, and can be picked up with your other recyclables. However, it’s important to remember to keep compost out of your garbage!

5. Tend to your garden

If you are starting to garden, consider planting some pollinator flowers to attract bees. They are essential to our food chain, after all!

6. Plant a tree

Plant an “Earth Day” legacy tree in the backyard with your family and watch it grow for years to come.

7. Ditch the plastic

Stop buying single-use plastic beverage containers! Instead, consider buying liquids in bulk. Zero waste stores are popping up all around Ontario.

8. Consider cloth diapers for your baby

For new parents, consider using cloth diapers. For a full rundown of retailers that offer this eco-friendly alternative, click here.

9. Think before you print

Remember to teach children to use both sides of the page when printing. Save unwanted drawings for scrap paper in their next art project.

10. Eat organic

It’s tough to eat local and organic in April, but you can try to find Ontario-grown produce for your meal. Try and go meatless for lunch, dinner or both! Try some fresh fruits and veggies, and have your kids help with food preparation.

For other great family Earth Day activities, check out our blog post, “16 Earth Hour activities to enjoy with the entire family.”

Useful web resources for Earth Day activities

Earth Day provides us all with a great opportunity to talk to our kids about the environment. Additionally, it can provide opportunity to plan some fun activities the whole family can enjoy together. We’ve compiled a list of web resources to help you find Earth Day activities and events to enjoy with your family:


Eventbrite: For the most comprehensive listing of Earth Day events in and around Ontario, this is your one-stop resource! From tree planting events and community clean-ups, to Earth Day-themed programs at your local library, this site has it all.

We Have Kids

We Have Kids: Keep an eye out for Earth Day activity ideas for families. This website has a whole earth catalog of regional sites around the globe. Featuring the latest news, listings of events, feature stories, online quizzes, factoids, feature stories and teaching resources.

Planet Pals

Planet Pals: Features include a kid-friendly community with fun facts, activities, and resources for learning more about planet Earth. Additionally, it has tips on recycling and conservation, and lots of links to Earth Day information around the web.


The ROM: Online Earth Day content in celebration of Earth Day 2022! The ROM is sharing what you can do to help birds as they migrate to their breeding areas in Ontario and throughout Canada over the next six weeks. Most of the bird species that breed in Canada are migrants. During April and May, billions of birds migrate from wintering areas in the south to their breeding areas in Canada.

Canadian Museum of Nature

Canadian Museum of Nature: Celebrate Earth Day with the museum! If you are in the Ottawa area this weekend, enjoy free admission to the museum’s world-class exhibitions. Be sure to check out the new Bugs Alive exhibition. Chat with a science interpreter, who will be on site at the tank for Earth Day! Explore all the popular galleries—Fossils, Mammals, Birds and more. A naturally fun way to spend Earth Day!

Earth Rangers

Earth Rangers has launched a new Eco-Activity Initiative! Visit their website for a variety of activities to do with your family at home.

Whatever you do, thank you for doing it. Every little bit benefits everyone here, today AND tomorrow.

isure cares about the environment

At isure, we work and live in your community. We believe in doing what we can to help preserve the planet and take steps to reduce our global footprint. We are one of the first in the industry to have gone paperless and offer electronic policies to our insurers and clients!

Ready to learn about the environment? Want to know how to begin making changes that will help our planet’s future? Click on some of our blog posts below to learn more about how being more environmentally-conscious can translate to helping your insurance rates, as well as the planet.

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