In the near future driving will be incredibly different than it is today. While in years past, some of these ideas may have seemed improbable – in 2016, it’s all starting to come together. Self-driving cars are in the news daily, while exciting new futuristic projects are coming to fruition! At isure, we keep up on all the trends to provide our customers with insurance that evolves as the future of driving becomes the present!

Future Driving: Telematics

Telematics is a technology that is now going mainstream. It provides real life data about your driving to give a clearer picture of how well you drive. A combination of GPS, and internal diagnostics allow it to paint a clear picture of the kind of driver you are. It’s especially useful for people who want to be rewarded for their good driving – such as young people or those that may have had an accident in the past but have been the best drivers ever since. isure is on the forefront of this technology, so contact us to find out how Telematics can help you save more money !

Future Driving: Connectivity

Nearly everyone has a smartphone these days, and they already provide a great source of information about our roads. If you use Google Maps to see what route to take, you know that they mark out heavy traffic. This information is garnered through connectivity. Your phone tracks your location, and feeds that info back to Google as you drive – they, in real-time, process that information to deliver a ‘live’ look at the roads around you. In the near future, this will allow cars to talk to each other and help you and your car be safer, faster and more reactive to road changes.

Future Driving: Solar Roads

There are some exciting road technologies that are in development as we speak. The Netherlands, France and the USA are all currently undertaking major solar smart roadway projects that could revolutionize our roads. The concept is to build a solar roadway that can support cars and deliver renewable energy. In the Netherlands, this technology is working great on a test bike path; In France, they are now looking to rollout 600 miles of solar roadways that would power 8% of their total power needs. The plan in the USA is to build a solar road (along Route 66) which will generate power and also be able to power LED lane lights, have built-in low-energy heating (to melt snow/ice) and be smart enabled. It’s an exciting technology that could revolutionize the world of power generation and driving conditions.

Future Driving: Automation

Self driving cars have been on the wish list for anyone that commutes, drives or just needs to get somewhere (and will help stop distracted driving!). This technology is on the doorstep with companies like Tesla leading the way in self-driving features. Many manufacturers are working on their own technology – it’s estimated that 10% of cars will be self-driving by 2020. Right now the technology is limited to testing, or specific highway automation, but its application is rapidly expanding. You need an insurance company that is keeping with the rapid changes in driving. Make sure you contact isure today to get an auto insurance quote and see how isure can help you!

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