Is your home winter ready and prepared to take on the dropping temperatures? If you answered ‘yes’ cautiously, you may not have properly prepared your home for the colder months. Many home and apartment dwellers do little to get their homes ready for winter, and it’s one of the biggest mistakes. Getting your home winter ready will keep your house warmer, save you unnecessary stress and will definitely save you money. isure has several tips you can follow to get your home winter ready!

1. Start in the Fall, if possible

If you haven’t already performed the tasks we recommended for fall, now is the time to do them. These tasks are better done when the temperatures are a bit warmer than when heading into the chillier weather. Items on your to-do list should include:

  • Inspecting the chimney
  • Cutting tree limbs
  • Cleaning gutters
  • Inspecting the roof
  • Replacing weather-stripping
  • Draining garden hoses

2. Protect your plumbing

One of the most common home insurance claims during winter months are from frozen and burst pipes. When the temperature drops, even indoor pipes can be susceptible to freezing, causing massive problems. Prepare any suspect pipes by insulating them as much as possible, and inspect them often. Educate everyone in the family on how to turn off the water source at various points if a problem occurs.

3. Get your furnace checked

The time to have your furnace checked is now, not when a problem occurs. Many furnace inspection and repair companies likely have long wait times, so setting up an appointment now is crucial to staying toasty warm this winter.

4. Change your bedding

Instead of waiting for a cold night to try and find a warmer blanket, swap it out today. Consider a down comforter or wool blankets at the foot of the bed. In either case, you may not need it immediately (or at all) if you have especially good insulation, but it’s always good to have. Also, consider running an electric blanket for 10 minutes BEFORE bed. You’ll fall asleep faster, and it’s safer than running it while in bed.

5. Insulate your windows

Cut down on heating costs by giving your windows a little extra insulation. One of the most common ways to do this is to invest in a heat seal plastic kit. For even more effective insulation, tape bubble wrap over your windows. While they will impair your ability to look out at the snow, the small pockets of air can do more to insulate than the plastic seal kits.

6. Buy winter gear

If you needed a new shovel last year, buy one now. Also, stock up on winter gear that may be essential to your property. This gear includes ice-melting salt, ice breakers, car window scrapers and even over-the-boot crampons. If you live in a rural area, consider a snow blower check-up. If you live in the city, contact a snow clearing company or get an app that you can order on-demand services, such as Jiffy.

These small tasks will not only get your home winter ready for snow and ice, but they can save you stress, time and money. Consider savings that could come from better home insurance: It’s entirely possible that you have been overpaying, so get a quote from us today. Tell us your favorite winter ready tips in the comments below!

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