When the colder months hit and temperatures drop, you spend a lot of time inside your home. But just how much have you prepared your humble abode to take on the below-zero temperatures? Many people do little to prepare for winter, which is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a homeowner. Getting your home winter ready will keep your house warmer, save you unnecessary stress and can help save you money. Here are isure’s tips on how to get your home winter ready:

1. Get a head start, if possible

If you haven’t already performed the tasks we recommended for fall, now is the time to do them! These tasks are better done when the temperature is a bit warmer than when done in the chillier weather.  

  • Inspecting the chimney
  • Cutting tree limbs
  • Cleaning gutters
  • Inspecting the roof
  • Replacing weather-stripping
  • Draining garden hoses

2. Protect your plumbing

One of the most common home insurance claims during winter months is from frozen and burst pipes. When the temperature drops, even indoor pipes can be susceptible to freezing, which can lead to massive problems. If some of your pipes look susceptible, prepare them by insulating them as much as possible. Afterwards, be sure to check up on them often to make sure no issues have occurred. It is also super helpful to show everyone in the family how to turn off the water source if a problem ever arises.  

3. Get your furnace inspected

The beginning of winter is the best time to get your furnace checked. When the weather is below freezing, you don’t want to be left without a furnace warming your home. Additionally, many furnace repair companies will likely have longer wait times during the dead of winter. Be sure to make an appointment soon so that you can stay toasty during the colder season! 

4. Swap out your fall clothes

Instead of waiting for the first snowfall to unpack those hats and mittens, do it today! Unpacking your winter wardrobe earlier is always better so you can prepare for whatever winter throws your way. It’s always frustrating having to unpack your winter jacket from storage when an unexpected snowfall arrives. 

5. Blankets, blankets, blankets!

Instead of waiting for a cold night to try and find a warmer blanket, bring them out today. Consider a down comforter or placing some wool blankets at the foot of the bed. In either case, you may not even require one, particularly if you have especially good insulation. However, it’s always good to be prepared. Especially if you find yourself guilty of skipping our third step! For those who use electric blankets. consider running it for about 10 minutes before bed. This way, you’ll fall asleep faster, and it’s safer than running it while asleep. 

6. Insulate your windows

Some people may be shocked to learn just how much heat escapes from your windows. Cut down on your heating costs by giving your windows some extra insulation. A common way to do this is by investing in a heat-seal plastic kit for your windows. If you want to take a more DIY approach, consider doing something similar using plastic film or bubble wrap, which provides even more effective insulation. While the latter may impair your ability to look out at the snow, the small air pockets will do more to insulate your home. 

7. Invest in some new winter gear

Was last year the winter you told yourself you needed a new shovel? Do yourself a favour and purchase one now, especially with all of the Black Friday deals going on. It is the perfect time to stock up on winter gear that may be gone when the cold weather is here to stay. 

From ice-melting salt and ice breakers to car window scrapers, these are all great things to have handy. If the area you live in is more rural, consider checking in on the status of your snow blower. Make sure it is in working order before heavy snowfall arrives. If you live in the city, get the information for a snow-clearing company in your area. You can also download apps that provide you with on-demand services, such as Jiffy. 

Though these tasks may seem small, getting your home winter ready will save you stress, time and money in the long run! Paired with better home insurance from isure, you can rest easy knowing you and your home are covered when the unexpected happens. In fact, many people found themselves overpaying before their switch to isure, so get a quote from us today! 

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