Although the Christmas season is just beginning, it’s important to be prepared and think ahead; especially when it comes to decorations. Use our top holiday storage tips to get ahead and ensure taking down your Christmas decorations is as enjoyable as putting them up!

1. Take a photo of your outdoor Christmas display

After all the hard work it takes to put up your outdoor Christmas lights and lawn decor, it’s both a great keepsake and organizational tool to take a picture of the display. This way, you will be able to replicate the design next year, and remember where everything is placed. A photo will also help you keep track of all the lights and decor you already have in case you’re looking to expand your collection. When putting your outdoor Christmas lights away, make sure to organize them based on your display. Use the photo you take to determine which lights belong together so your set up next year will be easier than ever.

2. Designate a box for Christmas cards

One of the biggest forms of clutter we accumulate after the holidays are Christmas and holiday cards from loved ones. The first step in organizing and storing Christmas cards is figuring out which ones you truly want to keep. As much as we’d like to keep every card we receive, Christmas cards create a lot of clutter. So, take time to think about which cards you want to store. Once you decide which cards you’d like to keep, the best way to organize them is with a labelled box.

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3. Use protective storage for Christmas dishes

The easiest way to protect your Christmas dishes is to store them in specially-designed packaging. There are many ways you can store these dishes to ensure they are in perfect condition for years to come. If you’re looking for a DIY holiday storage tip solution, you can simply wrap them in bubble wrap left over from online Christmas orders. Another great option is to use protective dish storage.

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4. Use an artificial Christmas tree

These days, many people have been skipping the trip to the Christmas tree farm, and instead, opt for an artificial tree. An artificial tree is a great option if you’re looking for a quick and stress-free way to decorate this holiday season. One of the easiest parts about having an artificial tree is the clean up process. You can simply fold the branches of your tree and place it in its storage bag or box. Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to get your tree on sale!

5. Use cardboard to store indoor Christmas lights and garlands

It’s often thought that the easiest way to store your Christmas lights and garlands is inside a box. Although a box can be a great solution, it’s easy for the wires and garlands to get tangled together, making future decorating tedious. Instead, try opting for a simple piece of flat cardboard. Wrap individual strands of lights and garlands around the cardboard. This tip will make decorating easier for years to come!

6. Use ornament and gift wrap organizers

Ornaments, especially if they’re breakable, can be a tedious decoration to store year-long. Luckily, there are easier ways to store Christmas ornaments than having to throw them loosely in a bag or box. There are now ornament organizers that you can purchase to keep your tree’s jewels protected and all in one place. The same goes for gift wrap, bags, tissue paper and ribbon!

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7. Keep your space tidy

As you prepare to enjoy this time of year, remember to keep your space tidy throughout the holiday season. A tidy space will make for an easy clean up, with less clutter to try and organize. Take time throughout the holidays to do a quick clean up. Even 10 minutes every day will keep your space tidy, and keep clean-up easy. Even keeping on top of your regular chores will make tidying up your holiday decorations much smoother!

8. Make individual piles

When it comes time to putting your holiday decorations in storage, start by putting them into individual piles. Even if you have designated storage containers for the decorations, making organized piles will help you understand what you want to keep and what needs to be thrown away. This method also helps if you’re looking to purchase storage solutions for your holiday decorations. Making individual piles before you start decorating will help you understand how much you really have, and how much storage you’ll need. This may seem like a tedious task, but it will keep both decorating and putting away your holiday decorations quick and enjoyable!

9. Declutter your decorations

One of the easiest ways to organize your holiday decorations before storing them is to declutter. Over the years, we often accumulate a lot of unnecessary or old decorations. It’s important to keep on top of them, so your decorations are manageable and made up of items you love and cherish. Before you set up your holiday decorations for the season, go through them and decide which pieces you truly want to keep. Then, either donate or throw out pieces you no longer need or want.

10. Try not to get overwhelmed

Storing holiday decorations can sometimes be a stressful activity, but we’re here to remind you to take a deep breath and take things slow. Rely on family and friends for help if you are feeling overwhelmed by the job, and take it day by day. There’s no need to store everything all in one day! Source out the right storage solutions for you and your home, and take the time to store things effectively. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to storage solutions. If you simply don’t have enough space, there’s always storage units available!

We hope these holiday storage tips give you something to think about when decorating this year. Happy holiday decorating!

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