Moving to Ontario from another province can be hectic. One of the many things you’ll have to do is switch your driver’s licence and licence plates so you can register your vehicle in Ontario. As a new resident, you will need to register your vehicle within 30 days of moving. That’s how long your out-of-province plates are valid for! In this article, we breakdown how to register your car in Ontario by including a step-by-step guide below.

Registering your car in Ontario

If your vehicle is registered outside of Ontario, you can register your vehicle at a ServiceOntario centre. In comparison to vehicles within the province, out-of-province vehicle registration has a few extra steps. These steps differ depending on where you are bringing the vehicle from. When registering an out-of-province vehicle in Ontario, you must:

  • Provide your driver’s licence or a copy of your RIN (Registrant Identification Number). This will serve as proof of your full name and date of birth, which are also a requirement.
  • If you’re registering a passenger vehicle, motorhome or motorcycle, you’ll need to provide a complete Used Vehicle Information package.
  • Present a copy of proof of purchase.
  • Provide your vehicle permit and the plate portion of the permit. If you have a licence plate you wish to attach to your vehicle, bring that along.

After completing these steps, you will have officially registered your car and can now legally drive as a new resident of Ontario.

Registering a leased vehicle in Ontario

The Government of Ontario now requires proof of lease to register your out-of-province leased vehicle in Ontario. If the vehicle is under a leasing agreement, you will also need to provide one of the following:

  • A copy of the lease agreement or invoice,
  • A letter from the leasing company with the RIN and VIN, or
  • A letter from the leasing company authorizing the vehicle to be registered in Ontario

Register your car in Ontario from outside of Canada

You will need to do the following:

  • Complete all general requirements to register your vehicle in Ontario
  • Complete the customs clearance Vehicle Import Form 1 from the Canada Border Service Agency website
  • Include your vehicle in the list of imported goods
  • Provide proof of identity (name, date of birth and signature) when you register a vehicle for the first time using your driver’s licence number or Registrant Identification Number (RIN)

Find out which location you can register your vehicle at here.

Pay retail sales tax or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)

You will have to pay HST or the retail sales tax at 13% for registration in Ontario if the vehicle is purchased privately in a different Canadian province. If the vehicle is registered in a non-HST province, like British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, or Quebec, you will only have to pay the Ontario portion of HST, which is 8%, rather than the standard 13%.

Find out if your vehicle will be charged retail sales tax or HST here.

Important: If you are becoming an Ontario resident, you can declare an exemption when you register the vehicle instead of paying the retail sales tax. For questions about retail sales tax exemptions, contact ServiceOntario at 416-235-2999 (GTA) or toll free at 1-800-387-3445 (Canada).

You now know the steps you need to follow to register your car in Ontario. Although it might sound complicated, it is an essential process to follow. You can contact an isure representative at any time to help you with obtaining auto insurance for your newly-registered vehicle!

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