As a leader in the high risk driving insurance market, isure helps people like you. We know that living with a high risk driving record can be stressful. That’s why we seek affordable high risk insurance and help you manage your high risk driving insurance as well. We make ourselves available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about high risk insurance. It’s our hope that together, we can get you on the path to risk-free driving!


If you are a high risk driver, it’s important to understand that life goes on. High risk driving insurance is for those drivers that have had a few unfortunate things happen on their driving record. Those things can include driving tickets, license suspensions or accidents. At isure, we understand that mistakes happen, which is why we work with you to manage your high risk driving insurance. We’ll help find you an insurance plan that works for you. We’ll also be here to answer any questions you may have and offer our expertise.


If you’re currently labeled as high risk, there are some important things that you can do to help right the ship. It won’t always be easy, but eventually, you can get on the road to a safe driving record! These steps will help you get there.


If your life allows it, try driving less. The less time you spend in the car, the less likely you’ll be to fall back into old habits. Try taking public transit, or riding a bike. You could even invest in an e-bike for speedier transit in the warmer months.


One of the best ways to drive better is to re-educate yourself. A good defensive driving course can help you notice mistakes you didn’t know you were making. It can also teach you about new driving laws. Best of all, when someone is watching your driving they can point out common issues and help you fix them. So ; if you have teenagers at home and you are providing them with the opportunity to go to driving schools , why not joining them to brush up on your own driving skills ?

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One of the biggest causes of accidents and errors is distractions. Those distractions include your phone, the GPS system or a loud sound system. They take away from your ability to react quickly and hurt your awareness. Removing them from your car may be a bit of a change, but if you’re serious about managing your high risk driving, it’s crucial.


Yes, it seems like the silliest advice – but too often people ignore the rules of the road. Instead of coming to a rolling stop, make a full stop at stop signs. Read the posted speed limit and stick near it. Signal every turn, regardless if there’s no traffic around. Simply put, be an ideal driver.


Patience is crucial when you’re on the road, but also when you’re dealing with high risk driving insurance. Your record will not clear up overnight. Instead, you need to re-establish that you’re a good driver, and have learned from your mistakes. You will one day get there but it’s a daily grind that you’ll need to work through. Be patient and you’ll one day make it through!

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