If you’ve driven in Toronto, you know just how difficult it can be to find proper parking. With this, it’s no surprise why so many drivers are constantly parking illegally. However, those who get caught breaking the law should now be prepared to pay even more than usual. This is because certain parking tickets in Toronto have increased by 150%, from $30 to $75. Let’s discuss the new city parking violation details below.

Fines for parking illegally increased

Those deciding to park illegally will now face an even bigger blow to their pockets. If you park improperly, you will now face a fine of $75 as opposed to the old fine of $30. This includes illegal parking on any city or private properties which take up thousands of locations across Toronto, from TTC stations to commercial parking lots. This new change makes the cost of fines the same as not paying while parking at a Green P Parking area in the city. City Council approved this move in October after a report showed that in many instances, drivers were taking their chances with getting a ticket rather than paying for parking up front.

Mayor Olivia Chow states that the main reason for the change is, “If it’s cheaper for you to get fined rather than paying, it makes no sense.” Chow also states that the city is still in the process of discussing higher parking rates, as well.

“I’m pushing for more cameras, I’m looking at traffic wardens, you will see more and more of them to catch bad behaviour and ease congestion,” she says. When it comes to the fines at curbside spots, they will remain at $30, as they have for over a decade. When it comes to parking in a designated bike lane, the fine will remain at a whopping $150.

Councillor Paul Ainslie from Ward 24, Scarborough Guildwood, says the harsher fines are on par with the fees by neighbouring cities.

Parking violations increased in previous years

With the increase in fines comes the hope that the number of violations will be curbed. In 2022, the number of parking violations within Toronto increased to over 106,000. This is a major boost from just under 95,000 in 2021! When it comes to parking violations in private lots, the number jumped to roughly 377,000 from 320,000 in 2021. This adds up to the city giving out a total of $1,479,644 parking tickets in 2021 alone. That’s a total of approximately $90.2 million in tickets and fines.

Even with the rise in ticket prices, it still stops short in comparison to the consequences TTC riders face. Riders who decide to evade fairs on the TTC can face up to five times that in fines, with tickets reaching up to $425. After being put on pause due to the pandemic, the TTC resumed its fair evasion ticketing.

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Parking tickets in Toronto are never worth it

With the increase in Toronto parking ticket prices, violations have become even more dangerous than ever. Though these tickets may not make an impact on your insurance premiums, the hefty new fine of $75 will hopefully make you think twice about where you park your car.

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