A long-term plan originally scheduled for trial in March yet delayed due to the pandemic, over the summer the city of Ottawa began installing photo radar cameras in school zones. Deployed on roadways adjacent to school zones, the cameras are designed to catch those going over the designated speed limit.

Starting in July, the chosen locations had been designated last fall, with eight core areas selected. These speeding cameras have been installed around the following:

  • Watters Road, near St. Francis of Assisi School
  • Longfields Drive, near École élémentaire catholique Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau, St. Mother Teresa High School, and Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School
  • Bayshore Drive, near St. Rose of Lima School
  • Meadowlands Drive West, near St. Gregory School
  • Ogilvie Road, near Gloucester High School
  • Smyth Road, near Vincent Massey Public School, Hillcrest High School, and École secondaire catholique Franco-Cité
  • Innes Road, near Ecole secondaire catholique Beatrice-Desloges
  • Katimavik Road, near Holy Trinity Catholic High School

Only two of these photo radar cameras are fixed; however, those at the Bayshore Drive and Innes Road locations; the rest have been set to rotate every 45 days for the other six areas.

According to councilor Tim Tierney, the chair of Ottawa’s transport committee, the pandemic has altered how people walk in the daytime, while drivers have also been going faster.

It’s hoped that these cameras will curtail speeding offenses; offenders will be fined and mailed speeding tickets within 30 days of the offence, with the former being based on how much the driver was over the limit. These fines will also be double what is normal, due to the violation occurring in community safety zones.

Furthermore, the presence of these cameras will help free up the ability of Ottawa Police to respond to other calls, according to Ottawa Police Sgt. Mark Gatien.

Proceeds from the fines will go towards city safety initiatives.

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