What is the most unusual insurance policy you know of? Auto insurance, home insurance, and life insurance are standard, but what unusual policies do you know of? Logically, if you have to guess, you might pick policies like tornado insurance, terrorism insurance and probably specific item insurance, ex. for family heirlooms. If you really want to know the oddest insurance policies, you need to think weirder. We’ve looked through the insurance archives to find the weirdest and craziest insurance policies out there and no, this is not an April Fool’s joke.

1. Alien Abduction Insurance

If you have ever worried about ET landing his UFO in your backyard and abducting you – don’t fret! This is a perfect situation where alien abduction insurance comes into play. There are a surprising number of alien abduction policies that have been acquired around the world. In fact, there is roughly 33,000! However, if you’re less worried about being abducted and more worried about alien damage, perhaps a UFO damage insurance policy might be right for you. However, it’s the aliens who’ll need insurance if they damage your property!

2. Lottery Insurance

When it comes to winning the lottery, the odds aren’t really in your favour. However, if the day arrives where you hit the jackpot and decide to quit your office job, it will be putting your boss in a tricky situation. This is where lottery insurance comes into play. Lottery insurance helps a business owner if by chance, one of their employers unexpectedly quits due to lottery winnings. Though not popular throughout North America, there are actually many businesses within the United Kingdom that use this as a safety net!

3. Virgin Birth Insurance

Are you concerned that you might become pregnant through immaculate conception? Then, you’re in luck! A Virgin Birth insurance policy is for you. There are currently four different people with this policy. Three nuns and a woman concerned that the year 2000 would trigger her pregnancy. So far, there have yet to be any payouts.

4. Zombie Apocalypse Insurance

In the event that a zombie virus breaks out (and you don’t succumb to it) who is going to pay for the clean up? Alright, this is admittedly one of the silliest insurance policies we’ve heard of, but there is coverage for it nonetheless. If the zombie apocalypse happens, money to pay for repairs will be the least of your worries. That being said, a UK insurance company has a policy available in case you really do want coverage for such things.

5. Cold Feet Insurance

We’re not talking about body parts, we’re talking weddings! Awhile back, cold feet insurance was one of the most unusual insurance policies that regular people could invest in. However, it has oddly enough become a lot more mainstream in recent years! You’re ready to get married, your venue is booked and the food is catered. However, last minute, you or your significant other backs out. We all know how expensive a wedding can be, and without wedding insurance, this can be a giant loss for both parties involved. Especially if one decides to bail at the last minute. This policy may not be so unusual after all!

6. Ghost Insurance

We’ve all heard of the term “ghost policy” within the insurance world. This refers to a business attempting to cheat its way out of proper workers compensation coverage. However, many insurance companies around the world actually have “ghost insurance.” Yes, this does indeed mean what you think! It is coverage based off of damages or injury that are caused by actual spirits. This may sound bogus, but one British hotel owner actually took out a $1 million pound policy after an alleged ghost sighting on his hotel’s property.

7. Body Part Insurance

When it comes to actors, singers and performers, they get paid big money to do what they do! In many cases, this results in them insuring the assets (or body parts) that are vital in their careers. Many celebrities have actually gone the length to insure body parts that make them uniquely them. From Bruce Springsteen insuring his voice for $6 million to Rod Stewart insuring his for $15.5 million! Heidi Klum insured her legs for $2.2 million, Keith Richards insured his middle finger for $1.6 million, JLO has a $28 million dollar insurance policy for her famous booty and Gene Simmons insured his iconic tongue for $1 million!

While we don’t have any of these policies available, we do have great coverage for you in a variety of more ‘normal’ coverages! Our providers offer everything from auto insurance to home-based business insurance. Plus, if you have ANY insurance questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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