Whether you lose your licence or misplace your wallet altogether, losing identification can be frustrating. Additionally, getting a replacement licence can sometimes be a long wait. This is especially difficult when you need to use your licence on a daily basis to drive. Luckily, the province of Ontario has taken this into consideration. Read more below to learn about what a temporary driver’s licence is and how to obtain one.

What is a temporary driver’s licence?

A temporary driver’s licence is exactly what it sounds like! Valid for 90 days only, you can obtain a temporary driver’s licence during the waiting period when renewing your licence. During this time, you can use your temporary licence as you would your permanent licence. Depending on your licence class, you will have to follow the same restrictions. For example, if you have a G1, your temporary licence will state that you are only at a G1 driving level and you must abide by those rules.

Something important to keep in mind is that your temporary driver’s licence will not have your photograph on it. So, although it does count as a valid form of identification, it will not work in situations where photo identification is needed. As a result, it is a good idea to keep a piece of photo identification with you at all times. This can include your passport or health card.

When is a temporary licence necessary?

A temporary driver’s licence is temporary replacement of a regular driver’s licence until a new one arrives. When obtaining a new licence that has been damaged, lost or stolen, there is a period of four to six weeks where you must wait for your new licence to arrive in the mail. In order to drive during this waiting period, it is necessary to obtain a temporary driver’s licence. It is also crucial to make sure you obtain your temporary driver’s licence immediately. Why? Because driving without a licence is against the law in Ontario. If caught without a valid licence, you may face charges ranging from $200, up to $1,000.

How do I obtain a temporary licence?  

In order to obtain a temporary driver’s licence, you must first follow the steps of receiving a new licence altogether. This can be done either online on the ServiceOntario website or by visiting the closest ServiceOntario centre to you. In order to renew your licence, you must bring your old licence or have your licence number on-hand. You must also be able to provide the seven-digit trillium code on the back of your licence, as well as your postal code. Make sure to also bring a form of identification that shows your name, photograph, and date of birth.

In order to obtain a temporary driver’s licence online, you must have a full G or M licence. Be sure to have your licence number and postal code on-hand, and prepare to answer any questions regarding personal medical conditions that may affect your ability to drive. Please note you will be unable to renew online if you have made a recent change to your address in the past 90 days.

How to validate your licence

Another time a temporary licence is necessary is if your driver’s licence expires. Let’s face it, sometimes life can get in the way when it comes to things such as renewing your licence. Luckily, you aren’t completely out of luck if this happens. If your licence expires, or is expiring within 28 days, you are able to retrieve a temporary licence validation via the ServiceOntario website. This is a paper that you must keep with you at all times, along with your old licence, until your new one arrives in the mail in four to six weeks. If you are unable to print your validation out at home, you must visit your closest ServiceOntario centre. If you are pulled over, this will assure police that you have taken the steps to renew your licence and are in the waiting period of receiving your new one.

Hopefully by now, we gave you enough information about what there is to know about a temporary driver’s licence in Ontario. Remember, a new driver’s licence is also a good time to make sure you are receiving the best insurance rates possible. Check out isure and see why we are known for top-notch customer service and the best premiums in the insurance market. Request a quote today.

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