There is nothing more exciting than getting yourself a new car! However, many people are unaware of what to keep an eye out for when on a test drive. Like anything new, you want to make sure a new car is the right fit before you buy it. Nothing is worse than discovering an issue once a vehicle is purchased. So, no matter if the car is new or used, we’ve got the top five things to look for on your test drive.

1. Inspect the vehicle before getting in

Before you get behind the wheel of your car, there are a few things you will want to look for on the car, both inside and out. If you have a driveway or garage at your home, will the car fit in it? Do the buttons inside the car make sense for you to use? Do you fit in the seat? This tip may be a no-brainer, but making sure you can get comfortable is key when it comes to driving safely. You don’t want to take a car home only to find you are unable to adjust your seat to your comfort level.

Now can also be a good time to bring out a measuring tape for areas, such as the trunk. If you have kids, this feature may be a dealbreaker. Some of the biggest red flags when test driving a vehicle happen before you even hit the road!

2. Test the features

Nowadays, cars have many different features that go beyond just driving on the road. Before you begin your test drive, try to ensure you have a good understanding of how the car’s features work. Ask as many questions as you need to in order to feel comfortable. As mentioned above, make sure you know how to properly adjust your seat so that you are comfortable and safe while driving.

You can also fold the seats in and out to make sure they are intuitive. When it comes to electronics, make sure you are comfortable using the radio, GPS, and Bluetooth. If you’ve owned a car with a frustrating GPS system or with seats that are a pain to move, you know how annoying they can be!

3. Drive as you normally would

This one might seem strange, but bear with us. To get a good sense of what it’ll be like driving this car regularly, it’s best to pretend you are already the owner. While test driving, take roads similar to the ones you frequent. Make sure you can adjust your mirrors so that you get a good visual of everything that is around you. Check your brakes to make sure there are no issues there, along with acceleration and maneuverability. It’s always crucial to make sure you are comfortable behind the wheel of your car!

4. Bring someone with you on your test drive

It’s always an excellent idea to bring along a friend or family member with you on your test drive. They don’t have to be a car genius, but having a second set of eyes and ears is always helpful. They can help point out anything that may need resolving. Additionally, they can help with whether you are making the right decision in taking this new car home or not.

5. Be extra cautious on your test drive

Though all the above are great things to look out for when test driving a new vehicle, it is always important to be extra cautious when buying a used vehicle. Most of the time, these vehicles will come with wear and tear that isn’t part of a warranty. This means you must have a much more critical eye when it comes to taking your car out for a spin!

Be sure to check the car for any visible rusting, dents or cracks within the doors and body of the vehicle. You also need to make sure your lights and brakes are working up to par, as well as make sure you have no issues with your exhaust pipe. Additionally, make sure your seat belts and airbags are all working properly!

In conclusion

Buying a new car can be stressful, but with these five tips, it doesn’t have to be! Always remember that when on the road during a test drive, your comfort and safety come first. Purchasing a new vehicle is also a great time to update your auto insurance policy. Contact isure and request a quote today!

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