In Ottawa, driving is part of most people’s daily routine, and doing it safely is extremely important because it will ensure you get to your destination without harming yourself or other drivers on the road. The following tips will help you drive safely in Ottawa, so keep them in mind when you are behind the wheel.

1. Stay focused

Distractions are hazardous and can result in deadly consequences. Texting, talking, eating and looking through your playlist while you drive are all distractions that can impact your driving abilities. Whenever you’re behind the wheel, focus on the road because looking away, even for a second, can increase your chances of a collision, or worse. Although this is crucial for all places, do keep it in mind to continue driving safely in Ottawa.

2. Practice safe driving on the weekend

Learning how to drive in busy and high-volume road conditions can affect your driving skills and may cause you to feel uncomfortable and stressed. So with that in mind, leave your learning for Sundays! This is the safest day to drive and you will be able to learn more comfortably and at ease.

3. Look out for pedestrians

Accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists are increasing, and drivers need to pay attention to this. This is especially true when approaching crosswalks or busy intersections. Pedestrians and cyclists must also be mindful so that the number of incidents decreases. Remember, to drive safely in Ottawa (and other places as well), cars are not the only things on the road!

4. Don’t forget your winter tires!

Winter tires can make a world of a difference, especially with the harsh winters we tend to experience in Ottawa. Snow tires are a preventative measure that can help you drive safely during the colder season. So, don’t wait until the first snowfall before you put them on! This is a top tip to remember in order to drive safely in Ottawa, both seasonally and year-round.

5. Get comfortable with roundabouts

If you feel uncomfortable with this aspect of driving, you are not alone. However, familiarizing yourself with roundabouts is very important because they are known to reduce vehicle collisions significantly. The city of Ottawa has several roundabout intersections to help decrease the number of crashes and vehicle fatalities. So, brush up on your knowledge regarding their key features and how vehicles must yield to pedestrians and traffic so that you’re comfortable driving through them.

6. Always leave extra space

This mostly applies to the car in front of you. More space provides ample time to come to a complete (safe) stop should you ever brake abruptly. Leaving about eight to ten seconds between you and the car in front of you will reduce the risk of a rear-end collision. For measurement’s sake, that’s about a car’s length or more.

7. Practice patience

Patience is essential for driving safely. While you’re on the road, rage can cause you to make bad, impulsive decisions, which can lead to dangerous consequences. Basic courtesy will go a long way, so remain patient and calm, even in tough situations. To avoid rushing, leave well in advance of when you need to arrive at your destination.

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