Travelers Insurance, one of our many isure-approved insurers, has the latest in driving technology: the IntelliDrive mobile app. “Why is this important to me?” one might ask. Well, it has many cool features, including monitoring your speed, levels of driving distractions and most importantly, helping to save money on your auto insurance. Let isure tell you how below.

What is IntelliDrive? 

IntelliDrive is a 90-day program that uses a smartphone app to monitor your driving performance. New Travelers customers who enroll can save on their car insurance policy’s first term. It is available in Ontario, effective for any new client policies At renewal, safe driving habits can lead to savings of up to 30%. However, riskier driving habits may result in a higher premium. Habits it monitors include your speed, acceleration, braking, time of day that you’re driving at and distractions, such as cellphone use.  

How does the Travelers Insurance IntelliDrive app work? 

Once you install it on your mobile device, the Travelers Insurance IntelliDrive app will automatically detect when you get into your vehicle and will start a trip. After the 90-day data collection period, it will determine your overall driving performance. It focuses on the driving performance of you and other participating drivers on your insurance policy, it will reflect on your rate the first time your policy renews. After each trip, you can review a map of your route. However, it’s important to note that the location data it collects will not affect your insurance rate. In order for the Travelers Insurance IntelliDrive app to work successfully, your cellular device AND the app, along with location services and Wi-Fi/data, need to be on. The discount remains on your policy for as long as you have an active policy with Travelers Insurance. 


How do I download the IntelliDrive app? 

You will receive a text from Travelers with a downloadable link to the app. You can also find the Travelers IntelliDrive app in the app store of your device. 

Is the app compatible with my smart phone device? 

IntelliDrive is compatible with Apple iPhones 4S and above, but iOS 11.0 or newer is a requirement. All Android phones are acceptable, but they must contain cellular, Wi-Fi and GPS chips. Android 6 (Marshmallow) or newer is also a requirement. 

What impact does IntelliDrive have on my insurance premium? 

The performance of each driver on your policy is what the app uses to calculate your insurance premium when your policy renewsYour safe driving habits can lead to savings of up to 30%! 

How does IntelliDrive score my phone use as a distraction? 

While it is illegal to use your cellular device while driving, this is one of the most common distractions amongst drivers. As a result, any handheld interaction with the phone while driving is going to negatively impact your distraction score within the app. This includes in-hand phone calls, texting, typing, and tapping on the phone. 

Running apps that don’t require you to interact with your phone will not negatively impact the distraction score. For example, if navigation or music is running in the background and you’re not engaging with it, this will not impact your distraction score. 

How does IntelliDrive know if I am the driver or a passenger? 

The app does its best to determine the difference. However, you have up to 10 days to change the driver/passenger information on a recent trip. 

Additional details about the IntelliDrive app 

  • You are able to opt out of the Intellidrive program withing 45 days of enrollment if for any reason you are not happy with it. If done within this period, it will have no impact on your insurance other than the loss of your participation discount. If after the 45-day-period, your IntelliDrive score may affect your premium at your next renewal if you have driven at least 800 kms. 
  • If you require more information about the IntelliDrive app, drivers can visit or you will find an informational page in your new policy package. 
  • Travelers encourages all drivers on the policy to download the IntelliDrive app. Travelers Insurance will send reminder text messages to each driver that hasn’t installed the app. If you do not install the app at all, Travelers may remove the driver from the program. This will affect your enrollment discount. 
  • If you buy a new mobile device, simply re-download the IntelliDrive app from your device’s app store and the 90-day program will resume where you left off. 
  • When it comes to battery usage, the IntelliDrive app “uses a negligible amount of battery when you’re not driving and slightly more when you are taking a trip. Most users won’t notice a significant battery difference after installing the IntelliDrive app.” The IntelliDrive app is also [meant] to minimize data usage. 

 If you require more information about the IntelliDrive app, call Travelers Insurance at 1.888.505.1217.

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