There is nothing more discouraging than going out to get behind the wheel and realizing your car has been stolen. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. In Ontario, there has been a drastic increase in car thefts. In fact, Toronto alone reported over 8,000 stolen vehicles in 2022 alone. This is a massive increase compared to 2021 when the city had a reported 5,600 vehicles stolen. Many of these victims report their vehicles being stolen right from their driveways, sometimes in the broad day. Luckily, isure has you covered with all the information you need when it comes to preventing vehicle theft and the steps that should be taken if your vehicle has recently been stolen.

My car has been stolen, what do I do next?

There are three crucial steps to take when it comes

  1. Be sure your car is stolen: We know this may sound a little silly, but before you rush to contact the police it is important to make sure your car was actually stolen. Could it have been towed or repossessed? Did you lend it to someone or move it and forget? Does another family member have the keys? Think of the possibilities before you think the worst!
  2. Call the police: If you have confirmed your car has been stolen, make sure to call the police as soon as possible in order to report your car as stolen. This will cover you in case the driver gets into an accident and injuries someone or commits a crime with your car. The quicker you contact the police and open an investigation, the higher chance you have of your vehicle being retrieved. You will be asked to provide a detailed explanation of your vehicle. Make sure to know the make, model, licence plate and VIN ready. On top of this, you will have to provide information on where the car was ,when it could have been stolen, etc.
  3. Contact your insurer: When you are finished speaking to the police and filing a police report, be sure to contact your insurer. Try your best to remember if any personal or expensive items were inside the car when it was stolen.

What is the insurance process for a stolen vehicle?

When you fire a car insurance claim for a stolen vehicle, there is a good chance that your insurer will open an investigation. When this happens you will have to provide them with some information as to when the theft occurred. This will include time, date and the location it was stolen from. On top of this, you will have to supply the same vehicle information you provided to the police. This includes the make, model, licence plate number and your VIN. By now, you should have filed a police report, so make sure to provide your insurer with that as well.

Generally, a company will wait 30 days before closing the claim. On average, it takes about 11 days for a stolen vehicle to be found, roughly 30% of those return with damages. If the 30 days is up and your stolen vehicle is not recovered, it will be considered a total loss. From there, you will work with your insurer on figuring out the market value of the car. You will then be paid out.

Will a stolen car affect my auto insurance premiums?

Generally, when your vehicle is stolen it will not affect the cost of your insurance premiums. However, the topic of theft overall will! For example, if you live in an area or city that has a higher rate of car theft than others, you can expect to pay more for your insurance premiums. On top of this, if your car is a make that is commonly stolen, you may end up paying more for your premiums.

What are the most stolen vehicles in Ontario?

As mentioned above, you may be required to pay more in premiums if your vehicle make is one that is commonly stolen.

In 2022, the 10 most commonly stolen vehicles in Ontario were:

  1. Lexus RX Series models 2016-2021
  2. Honda CR-V models 2016-2021
  3. Ford F150 Series models 2015-2020
  4. Toyota Highlander models 2013-2019
  5. Honda Civic models 2016-2021
  6. Land Rover Range Rover Sport models 2015-2021
  7. Honda Accord models 2018-2021
  8. Chevrolet/GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500 Series models 1999-2006
  9. RAM 1500 Series models 2009-2018
  10. Toyota Tacoma models 2016-2021

How can I prevent my vehicle from being stolen?

There are many different things you can do to prevent your vehicle from being stolen! These are some tips that isure recommends the most:

  1. Always lock your vehicle: We know it’s easy to forget! But making sure your vehicle is locked is one of the most important ways to prevent theft from your vehicle. Even if you feel confident in your neighbourhood, it can happen anywhere! So never take any chances
  2. Spare keys: Make sure you never leave your spare key in your car or in a place that’s obvious. For example, mailboxes and under welcome mats are common places to hide a spare key, and thieves know this!
  3. Use your garage: If you have a garage, use it! This adds a huge amount of security to your vehicle. Make sure you always close your garage when you are not outside!
  4. Keep windows rolled up: Keeping your windows rolled down when your car is parked is almost an invitation for thieves to steal your car! Always keep them rolled up when nobody is in the vehicle.
  5. Invest in anti-theft devices: There are many useful anti-theft devices on the market that will help keep your car safe and secure, as well as potentially give you lower premiums!

To end, one of the best ways to have yourself covered in an event of theft is to have good auto insurance. If you are in the market for new insurance, why not check out isure? We offer some of the best premiums in the province and are available at all hours to help you in the event of an emergency.

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