If your business has a warehouse, it’s important to understand the risks associated so you can keep yourself, and your employees, safe. We’ve got the top warehouse safety tips you should implement to ensure preventative measures in your workplace.

1. Keep your warehouse tidy

This is, first and foremost, the most important warehouse safety tip to remember. By consistently keeping a tidy space, you will avoid trips and falls, as well as a clear path for machinery.

2. Make hazardous zones known

Depending on what is being housed or manufactured in your company’s warehouse, there can be hazardous materials or tools in the vicinity. To clearly point out these hazards, make sure they are labelled, marked, or sectioned off from the rest of the warehouse. This will ensure both new and experienced employees are aware of these hazards, and will only enter the area or use the materials when necessary. This is an important warehouse safety tip to remember!

3. Promote safety awareness in the workplace

To ensure everyone is on the same page, make your company’s warehouse a place where safety is top priority. During company training, ensure that you discuss and practice any and all safety protocols. Make sure there are visual reminders, such as posters and signs, throughout the warehouse. These serve as reminders for employees to wear appropriate attire or handle items in a certain manner. Also, routine safety reminders and training are highly recommended.

4. Make safety equipment easily accessible

One of the main ways to avoid an accident in your company’s warehouse is to ensure safety equipment is easily accessible. Attire, such as hard hats, goggles, or steel toe boots, may be essential in most business. Of course, this depends on what work is being done, so ensure the appropriate items are available to employees. Having these items out in a clear area of the warehouse will promote warehouse safety consistently.

5. Maintain vehicle safety

If any vehicles are being used in the warehouse, make sure they are in good working condition every day. Ensure employees operating these vehicles have received adequate training, and that the vehicles are regularly maintain to ensure maximum warehouse safety. Vehicles can often pose as a hazard due to their size or mobility. So, making both vehicle maintenance and training a priority will limit or reduce chances for any possible accidents.

6. Enforce the proper attire

As previously mentioned, a warehouse is an environment where employees often have to wear specific articles of clothing. Reminding employees to abide by these rules will limit the possibility of any accidents occurring. It’s important to remind employees of specific choices that can raise the chances of an accident, such as loose clothing or jewelry. 

7. Reinforce shelving 

One of the most prominent tasks in a warehouse is shelving, so it’s important that employees are aware of how to do this task properly. From learning how to handle something heavy, to putting items back in their place, these seem skills can cause serious accidents or injury if not executed properly. Make sure employees understand the importance of executing these tasks properly, both during training and while on the job. Be sure that the shelving that is housing your inventory is properly installed as well.

We hope this article helps you understand some of the warehouse safety risks out there, and how you and your employees can work together to avoid them!

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