Summer is here! With the hot sun and Canadian humidex, the best part of summer is spending hours outdoors, cooling off in a body of water. If you’re a pool owner or go to a lake at the cottage, it’s essential to have some general water safety awareness – especially if you have little ones! isure has gathered some pool safety and water safety do’s and don’ts to help you get the best out of summer:

Water Safety Dos:

  • Use lifejackets instead of water wings, noodles, or other flotation devices in open water.
  • Always wear lifejackets on a boat.
  • Have readily available flotation devices for weaker swimmers.
  • Install gates around your pool if you have young children or pets, and make sure the latches are high enough that they can’t reach.
  • Keep pool decks and docks clear of debris.
  • Cover pools and hot tubs at night and when not using them for long periods.
  • Fence off your pool so someone does not accidentally fall in the water.
  • Establish some water rules, such as no running on decks or no diving.
  • Keep a first aid kit nearby for any injuries.
  • For lakes and oceans, take a look at the water condition or check local websites to see if the water is safe for swimming.

Water Safety Don’ts:

  • Leave young children unattended or unsupervised when they are in or around the water.
  • Serve alcohol in or around the pool.
  • Swim alone
  • Drink alcohol and operate a boat.
  • Have a glass that may break or other sharp objects in or around pool decks and docks.
  • Have your hot tub temperature more than 104° F/40° C, and best keep pregnant women, toddlers, or infants from using it.
  • Forget to re-apply sunscreen when lying out in the sun.
  • Swim at night or during a storm (especially in lakes).

Other helpful tips for pool and boat owners:

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