Believe it or not, Summer is right around the corner! When the warm weather hits, there is no better activity than cooling off in a body of water, like a pool or lake at the cottage. If that’s the case, it’s essential to have some general water safety awareness – especially if you have little ones! Luckily, isure has gathered some pool safety and water safety do’s and don’ts to help you get the best out of summer and prepare for that first swim of the season!

Water Safety Tips


  1. Use lifejackets instead of water wings, noodles, or other flotation devices in open water.
  2. As a general water safety tip, ALWAYS wear lifejackets on a boat.
  3. Have readily available flotation devices for weaker swimmers.
  4. Install gates or barriers around your pool if you have young children or pets, and make sure the latches are high enough that they can’t reach.
  5. Keep pool decks and docks clear of debris.
  6. Cover pools and hot tubs at night, and during long periods of unuse.
  7. ALWAYS swim with a buddy, never alone.
  8. Establish water rules, such as no running on decks and no diving.
  9. Keep a first aid kit nearby for any potential injuries.
  10. For lakes and oceans, look at the water condition or check local websites to see if the water is safe for swimming.


  1. Leave young children unattended or unsupervised when in or around the water.
  2. Serve alcohol in or around the pool.
  3. Swim alone.
  4. Drink alcohol and operate a boat, as this is considered a DUI.
  5. Have glass that may break or other sharp objects in or around pool decks and docks.
  6. Have your hot tub temperature more than 104° F/40° C. Also, refrain from having pregnant women, toddlers, or infants from using it.
  7. Forget to re-apply sunscreen when lying out in the sun.
  8. Swim at night or during a storm (especially in lakes).

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