Comprehensive auto insurance can help with cost of damages to your vehicle whenever it has involvement in an accident unrelated to a collision. It is an optional coverage you can add to your policy if you’re looking for additional protection for your vehicle. However, you will not have to select a limit. This is because the most it will pay is based on the actual cash value of your car. Let’s discuss.

Comprehensive car insurance for losses 

If your car is stolen or vandalized, comprehensive car insurance will pay for the cost of repairs. Why? The damage will fall under your coverage. This policy is in place to cover losses not caused by a collision. Such scenarios can include someone spray painting the side of your vehicle or a fire that renders your car irreparable. If lightning hits a tree that then falls on top of your car, comprehensive insurance will protect you.  

While comprehensive auto insurance is generally optional, it is a recommendation that you add this coverage to your policy because it can kick in, regardless of who is at-fault. This type of coverage can help pay for repairs so you will not have to pay the entire bill out-of-pocket. It is meant to work with collision insurance. While you do not have a legal requirement to obtain it, it will put your mind at ease. Repair costs can add up quickly and, in some cases, can cost you thousands of dollars. Paying for these costs out-of-pocket can be very difficult, which can negatively impact your personal finances. This is why it is worth considering comprehensive auto insurance.  

Coverage for unexpected expenses 

Whether you’re dealing with a small dent on your bumper or require a whole new windshield due to hail damage, comprehensive insurance can take this financial weight off your shoulders. You will not have to worry about unexpected expenses that your budget may not allow for and will only have to cover the deductible amount, which is the portion of the costs you must pay when making a claim.  

Comprehensive insurance does not deal with fault and will not focus on this aspect because damage resulting from hail, a windstorm or the vandalism/theft of your car is not your fault. This type of coverage is a requirement if you have a lease or finance a car, as you are not the vehicle owner.   

Here at isure, our knowledgeable brokers will further discuss the benefits of comprehensive insurance and help you make a decision regarding your policy. We are always ready to answer your questions, so please feel free to contact us today at 1-877-514-7873 for more information! 

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