So, you’ve passed your G1 written test. In Ontario’s Graduated Licensing process, receiving your G2 licence is your first real chance to drive solo. While the prospect of being one step closer to autonomy is exciting, it also brings up a lot of questions. We’ve compiled answers to some of the most frequntly-asked questions about getting your G2 licence below.

How much does a G2 driving course cost?

A good course will cost you close to $1,000. However, it will probably save you double that or more in the first few years that you have to pay for insurance. The choice is yours, but if your goal is to get your full licence as quickly as possible, and then pay as little as possible for insurance, you should definitely do driving school training.

Check out these government-approved driving programs here.

What is the cost of the G2 road test?

As of May 2022, the G2 road test will cost you $53.75. However, if you have purchased the class G1 licence package ($159.75), the G2 road test is included in that price. If you are unsuccessful in your first attempt, you can retake the exam. When you pass, you will need to pay a $90 licensing fee. Your prepaid G1 licence package fees are valid for six years from the payment date.

How do I book or cancel my road test in Ontario?

You need to book your G1 exit test (or G2 road test) ahead of time. When booking, you will need to have your driver’s licence number handy, as well as answering questions about your preferred test dates and locations. You will be given a date within a maximum of 42 days from when you call, and often receive confirmation sooner.

There are three ways to book your G2 road test in Ontario:

  1. Online at
  2. By calling 647-776-0331 (GTA) or 1-888-570-6110
  3. You can also book your road test in person at any DriveTest Centre

If you need to reschedule or cancel your road test, you must give 48 hours’ notice to avoid a cancellation fee!

Can I book a G2 test in Ontario during COVID-19?

According to the MTO, since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been approximately 294,400 passenger road tests cancelled due to closures and Grey lockdown restrictions. As of June 14, 2021, the province has lifted restrictions for in-person tests, but there is a high number of backlogged appointments. However, they do have plans to open up more exam centres and examiners. As Ontario continues on the roadmap to reopening, those who have class G1, G2, M1, or M2 have until December 31, 2022 to re-qualify or to upgrade the novice licence. The regular expiry dates for G1 and G2 will resume on January 1, 2023.

For more information on road test updates, click here.

What happens if I fail the road test in Ontario?

After the test, your examiner will give you the results of your test and whether you passed or failed. They will also inform you of any mistakes you made that caused you to fail the road test, if applicable. You may rebook the test that same day, provided that your G1 licence will still be valid on that date. If your G1 licence expires prior to the rebook date, you will have to start the process from the beginning again. You’ll need to pass the knowledge exam and pay all of the fees as a result.

Can the examiner prevent me from taking or finishing the road test?

Yes. There are a few circumstances whereby the examiner has the authority to stop the road exam at any point or even refuse to start it. This includes:

  • There are issues with your vehicle
  • Registration and plate stickers are not up to date
  • They suspect you’ve have been drinking or have recently used drugs
  • They can stop the test if they deem your driving skills not safe enough to complete it

Is the G2 road test easier than the G road test?

The G2 road test is the easier one of the two. It analyzes basic driving skills and knowledge, and there is no highway driving requirement. Additionally, it is shorter in length (about 20 minutes).

Do I have to pay for the G2 road test?

Not necessarily. If you purchased the G1 licence package, you’ve already paid for one G2 road rest attempt. However, if you are unsuccessful, you will have to pay for each additional retest.

How long do I have to get my G licence?

From the moment you pass your G1 test, you have a five-year timeline to get your full G license. Otherwise, you must begin the entire process again.

How do I get an early road test booking?

You can book a G2 test within eight months of getting your G1 if you’ve completed driver training. You will need to show proof of completion from an MTO-approved driving school.

How long is this road test?

Your G2 road test will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. This is standard, regardless of the location you take it in.

Are 400 Series highways driven on the G2 test?

No. You do not go on any 400 Series highways during your G2 road test. However, you may go on 80 km/h roads.

How many mistakes are allowed on the G2 test in Ontario?

It depends on the type of mistakes made during the test. One major mistake can be grounds for failure. With that being said, you can make a few minor mistakes and still pass.

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I have driving experience in another country. Will this help me get my Ontario licence quicker?

Drivers who can prove that they have at least 24 months of foreign driving experience in the last three years may be able to bypass the graduated licensing program and simply take the driving test for their full G license. Drivers with less than 24 months of foreign driving experience may be able to bypass some parts of the program. Call your local drive test centre to confirm details for you.

Can I rent a car with a G2 licence?

No. You need to have a valid class “G” driver’s license to rent a car in Ontario. It must be valid for the entire duration of the rental period. If you only have a learner’s permit (a G1 or G2 licence), you will not be able to rent a car.

What types of cars are best for a G2 driving test?

The most important aspect when considering what type of car to take to your G2 road test is familiarity. The more comfortable you feel behind the wheel of the car, the better your results will be. You can (and should) use your own vehicle for the test. You can also use a car from a driving instructor or friend, so long as you have spent some time driving it. The vehicle must be safe and fully operational. Vehicles are not available through the MTO or Drive Test centres.

What is the G2 test fail rate and pass rate in Ontario?

It’s estimated that 30-45% of drivers fail the G2 assessment on the first attempt. To learn more about the best and worst places to take your road test in Ontario, click here.

Can I drive in the US with a G2 licence?

G2 drivers can cross the border into the United States with their G2 licence. They can also drive into other provinces with their Ontario G2 licence. However, it is important to remember that drivers are not allowed on 400 Series highways, and so G2 drivers should avoid these highways when they are traveling across the border.

Remember, if you have any other G2 licence questions or inquiries about coverage once you have obtained your G2 licence, please contact one of our isure representatives and we will be happy to help.

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