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Mercedes Auto Insurance

Are you looking for a quote for Mercedes Benz Auto Insurance?  Mercedes Benz are luxury, German-made vehicles. These cars have been produced for years and have made their way to the top of the list of Canadian luxury cars. So, what are the insurance costs like for your luxury vehicle? You can expect to pay more than many other drivers – here’s why and how you can keep your costs down. 

Do Drivers Pay More for Mercedes Benz Car Insurance? 

Insurance for Mercedes Benz drivers tends to be more expensive than other vehicle brands. On average, a Mercedes driver will pay around $2,000, depending on the model. The reason for these elevated insurance costs is fairly fixed and has little to do with the driver themselves.  

While Mercedes are quite reliable, their expensive repairs will cost you when it comes to insurance rates. Expensive replacement parts and the need for specialized service total up for insurance companies! 

Additionally, the high value of these cars makes them expensive to replace when claims are filed. Some of the cheapest Mercedes Benz vehicles cost over $40,000 MSRP, which is more expensive than many other vehicles on the road. 

A Mercedes is a luxury car that is highly sought after, making them a target of car theft. That being said, there are security features that can help keep costs low and under control. 

Which Mercedes Benz has the highest insurance rate? 

Mercedes Benz makes a variety of vehicles, with the most expensive to insure being any of the convertibles. Even the safest drivers could be looking at around $4,000 a year to insure a Mercedes convertible. The cheapest is the GLC SUV, at nearly a quarter of the cost.  

How to lower your Mercedes Benz insurance  

While Mercedes insurance is expensive, there are certain things you can do to lower the premiums you pay. The number one thing is to keep a clean driving record, free from traffic violations and accidents. Listed below are some other ways you can reduce insurance costs: 

Buy a used vehicle 

Mercedes vehicles are a reliable make, which means when you buy your vehicle used, the value is lowered and reduces replacement costs. 

Drive less 

The more time your car is on the road, the more likely it is you’ll need to file a claim. By reducing the distance you drive, you will also be reducing your insurance costs. 

Add security features 

By adding security measures and parking your vehicle safely, you are saving money on insurance premiums. 

Shop rates 

isure will shop rates and policies from different insurance providers. We’ll see where you can get the lowest rate and provide insight – that’s the perk of using an insurance broker like us!