Renter’s Insurance

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Renter’s and Tenents Insurance in Ontario

There is a common misconception that Ontarians who rent do not need to have insurance because the landlord has everything covered. We are here to dispel that myth and inform you of the importance of having renter’s insurance.

Tenant’s insurance is essential if you want to protect your belongings and your visitors. Having an insurance policy can also protect you and your family if you need to find temporary housing due to your rental home being uninhabitable for a period of time.

isure Ontario Renter’s Insurance means:


Living Expenses

Covers you if loss or damage forces you to live elsewhere temporarily.


Contents Coverage

Covers your personal property and possessions.


Personal Liability Coverage

Covers you should someone hurt themselves while visiting your home.

isure Ontario Renter’s Insurance options

All-perils Coverage

Covers you for common types of loss (fire, theft, etc.). The policy will clearly state where extraordinary situations are excluded.

Named Perils Coverage

Covers you for specific types of risk that are included in your coverage.

isure Home-Based Business Insurance

Use in conjunction with the isure renter’s insurance if you are running a business in your rental property.

isure Broker Expertise

We know our way around rental properties, so let us advise you on simple ways to bundle and take preventative measures to save on your insurance premium!


Do I need a Renter’s Insurance policy in Ontario?

Even if you are only renting for a short period of time, getting renters insurance is important because it will help replace the contents of your rental unit due to loss, theft or damage.

The policy is there to cover you for additional risks and costs that you don’t see coming. Examples could be if someone were to slip and fall in you apartments or if a fire forces you to stay in a hotel for six weeks while things get fixed. What if your prized possessions also get lost in that fire? A quality renter’s insurance policy from isure will help in these types of situations!

How does Renter’s Insurance work?

When you have renters insurance, it can help cover costs due to loss. This includes theft or weather damage, depending on the type of coverage you have. In your policy, you can purchase actual cash value or replacement cost coverage for your property and possessions.

If you have valuable items, such as pieces of art or jewelry, you may have to buy additional coverage if those items become damaged or get stolen. Talk with your isure insurance broker specialist to determine the type of coverage you require for your valuable possessions.

Renters insurance can also cover an injured visitor if they get hurt on your premises.

How much does Renter’s Insurance cost?

Renters’ insurance is generally very affordable, but the price will fluctuate depending on where you live in Ontario and how much coverage you require. To find the most affordable renters insurance in your area, call a professional isure insurance broker today.

Is fire damage covered by Renter’s Insurance?
Most renter’s insurance policies will cover fire and some damage. All you need to do is pay your deductible and the insurance will cover the damage up to your limit. The amount your insurance company will cover for fire damage will depend on a few things, like the amount of coverage you have, if you bought replacement cost coverage or actual cash coverage and your deductible amount.