Auto Mechanic Insurance

Mechanic Insurance

As an auto mechanic or shop owner, you understand the risks that come with vehicle repairs. No matter how skilled you are, accidents and mistakes do unfortunately happen from time to time. If one of those mistakes results in a costly liability claim or your shop needs to temporarily close due to damage, having the proper automotive repair insurance coverage is essential. Without it, one large uninsured loss can cripple your business, or even force you to close your doors for good. 

That’s why we at isure, a leader in commercial insurance, have created comprehensive automotive repair insurance plans to protect repair shops like yours. We understand the needs of auto professionals and can provide you with the right protection so that an unexpected event doesn’t jeopardize your livelihood. 

With isure, you’ll have access to:

– 24/7 coverage and claims service

– Access to our nationwide network of repair shops and parts suppliers

– Coverage for all types of equipment (from ladders to lifts)

– Liability coverage in case of accidents at work or on the road

What is Mechanic Insurance?

When you’re working on cars and trucks, there are a lot of risks to consider. Damage can result from a malfunctioning vehicle, in addition to the usual expensive out-of-pocket risks that many business face (theft, property damage, vandalism, cyberattacks, lawsuits, etc.) 

With mechanic insurance, it is much better to have coverage plans in place and be able to reduce expenses should emergencies or damages occur. Protect your business with mechanic insurance at isure, and we can help you find the best coverage plan for your specific mechanic shop insurance requirements.

A comprehensive policy includes a wide range of benefits at competitive rates:

– Legal representation if you’re sued due to negligence while performing tasks related to your work as a mechanic

– Property damage coverage of up to $5 million per accident

Why auto repair shops should have insurance 

Accidents do unfortunately happen in even the safest of work environments. Comprehensive insurance protects your business from unplanned expenses, such as: 

Liability coverage: If a repair error results in further vehicle damage or customer injury, liability insurance reimburses costly lawsuits and claims. 

Workers’ Compensation: Your employees work with heavy equipment every day. This mandatory coverage pays medical bills if anyone gets hurt on the job. 

Business Interruption Insurance (BI): Floods, fires or even vandalism, could force you to temporarily close the shop for repairs. It keeps income flowing! 

Without insurance, one large uninsured loss can severely damage your business, or even make you financially liable personally. Protect your livelihood; proper coverage offers indispensable security. 

Car Body Shop Insurance

Yes, you should have insurance for your auto body shop!

Insurance is a great way to protect any business, and it’s especially crucial if you run an auto body shop. Auto body shops often have high levels of risk because they’re dealing with other people’s property and working with hazardous materials. You can protect yourself by getting coverage from an insurance company that specializes in auto body shops, and we can help you get there.

An auto body repair shop is where cars, trucks, and motorcycles go after they’ve been in an accident or have been damaged. The staff at these types of businesses repair the damage so that the vehicles can be returned to their owners in working condition. These shops usually have several types of equipment on hand, including tools, such as: drills and saws used for cutting out dents or cracks in metal; hydraulic lifts for changing tires; paint sprayers; electronic testing equipment, like oscilloscopes (which can help them find electrical problems); and much more!

You’ve probably been through the whole rigmarole: filing claims, paying premiums, waiting for reimbursement…it’s a hassle!

That’s why here at isure—we’ve got your back. Our knowledgeable brokers are here to ensure that your shop is covered in case of a claim, no matter how big or small. We’ll also make sure that you get paid as quickly as possible so that you can get back to work.

At isure, we know that you work hard to provide the best possible service to your customers. And we extend that same customer service to each client who gives us a call. We also know that auto body repair shops don’t have time to spend on insurance and paperwork.

That’s why we offer a range of insurance products designed specifically for auto body repair shops in Canada. Our products are designed to help you focus on building your business, not worrying about the details of your insurance policy.

Auto body shops are a crucial part of the auto industry, but they’re also one of the most vulnerable. That’s why it’s so important that you have the right insurance policy. Here are some of the types of coverage that we’ll go over with you:

General Liability: This protects you from lawsuits against your business if someone gets hurt on your property and decides to seek retribution.

Property Damage: This can help you replace any property damaged by an automobile accident, including cars and parts.

Vehicle Insurance: If you’re working on a vehicle that belongs to someone else, this will protect them if something goes wrong while it’s in your shop.

At isure, we understand that mechanics take on a lot of risks when they work on vehicles. In addition to the dangers of being around heavy machinery and toxic fluids, there’s always the chance something can go wrong and cause damage to a vehicle. That’s why we offer specialized insurance for mechanics through some of the best insurers in the country.

Mechanic Insurance combines a comprehensive policy for your business with coverage for you personally so that if you’re injured at work or if an accident occurs while you’re on the job, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your family is taken care of, too. Call isure today at 1-877-514-7873 to get your policy started! 

What types of insurance does an auto shop need? 

A comprehensive automotive repair insurance plan combines several critical coverage types to create a robust shield for your business: 

1. General Liability Insurance

As the foundation of your policy, general liability covers legal claims made by third parties for bodily injury or property damage up to the limits you select. It’s essential protection against lawsuits from customer accidents or employee injuries on your premises. 

2. Commercial Property Coverage

This insures the physical building structures, tools, equipment and other business personal property you own. If fire, storm damage or other disasters occur, it pays for repairs/replacement to get your shop running again fast. 

3. Garagekeeper's Legal Liability

Especially important for auto repair facilities, this reimburses vehicle owners if a customer’s car is somehow damaged while in your care, custody or control for servicing. It alleviates liability for accidental errors. 

4. Commercial Auto Insurance

For any business vehicles, like tow trucks, this provides liability protection and physical damage coverage if they are involved in an at-fault accident.

5. Workers' Compensation (Worker’s Comp)

A mandatory coverage, it takes care of medical expenses and lost wages for employees injured on the job. This is a key protection for mechanics working with heavy equipment. 

6. Business Interruption Insurance

This pays to replace lost revenues until repairs are complete and your doors can fully reopen. 

7. Commercial Umbrella Policy

This supplementary coverage layer provides increased liability limits above the standard policies. It’s valuable extra protection against major lawsuits. 

8. Cyber Liability Insurance

Given today’s networked world, this safeguards your operation and customers from privacy breach risks and reimbursement costs from technology-related incidents. 

A customized plan from isure ensures all these suitable coverage layers working in tandem so your auto repair business can focus fully protected. 

How Much Does Auto Mechanic Insurance Cost?
Depending on the type of auto mechanic service rendered, the cost of the insurance can vary. A mobile mechanic who travels to locations using a work vehicle is charged a different fee than an auto mechanic who owns a garage. While calculating the auto mechanic insurance rate, factors such as the coverage requirements, the number of employees and previous history claims are considered.
What is Garage Insurance?
Having a high-quality garage insurance policy provides coverage for you and your customers, even after the job is complete. First and foremost, a garage insurance policy will protect your business if a customer’s vehicle gets damaged while it is at your shop. It can also be covered if you need to give it a test drive or if you provide delivery services after the work has been completed.

A garage insurance policy can also protect auto repair shops from liabilities arising from damages caused by negligent work. A single accident may result in a lawsuit that could put small businesses under significant financial strain. Make sure you are covered to avoid financial downfall and to protect your business.

What Is Garagekeepers Legal Liability Insurance?
This type of insurance covers cases where you are found responsible for the damage of a customer’s vehicle when it is in your care. Garagekeepers legal liability insurance offers protection if a vehicle is damaged by fire, vandalism, theft or collision.
What is Commercial Auto Insurance?
Commercial auto insurance offers protection from physical damage for vehicles such as cars, trucks, and vans used for business. Since commercial vehicles are exposed to more risk than personal vehicles, they require commercial auto insurance.
What Is General Liability?
In the event that mobile mechanics cause bodily injury or property damage during the course of their work, general liability insurance comes into effect.

To find the best auto mechanic insurance policy for your needs, contact isure insurance today. A broker is available to help you find and compare insurance quotes for mechanics and body shops, along with custom insurance coverage options for fleet managers

What Kind of Insurance Do I Need to Protect My Garage Business in Ontario?
Did you know that there are over 1,000 auto mechanic garages in Ontario? All of which need a unique insurance policy and liability coverage. Finding the right insurance by yourself may be difficult as you could end up paying for coverage that you don’t even need!

Let isure manage your risks so that you can focus on what matters, growing your business! We will be at your side as your business evolves, expands and changes. An isure insurance broker is standing by to find and compare quotes for your garage business! We will help you find a policy with the proper coverage that is suitable for your needs.

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