Auto Mechanic Insurance

Auto mechanic insurance helps protect auto repair shops from expensive liabilities arising from accidents, such as property damage, customer injury and employee illness. Help protect your small business from expensive lawsuits and claims. Our licensed professionals can help you find and match the best insurance for your auto mechanic business.
How Much Does Auto Mechanic Insurance Cost?
Depending on the type of auto mechanic service rendered, the cost of the insurance can vary. A mobile mechanic who travels to locations using a work vehicle is charged a different fee than an auto mechanic who owns a garage. While calculating the auto mechanic insurance rate, factors such as the coverage requirements, the number of employees and previous history claims are considered.
What is Garage Insurance?
Having a high-quality garage insurance policy provides coverage for you and your customers, even after the job is complete. First and foremost, a garage insurance policy will protect your business if a customer’s vehicle gets damaged while it is at your shop. It can also be covered if you need to give it a test drive or if you provide delivery services after the work has been completed.

A garage insurance policy can also protect auto repair shops from liabilities arising from damages caused by negligent work. A single accident may result in a lawsuit that could put small businesses under significant financial strain. Make sure you are covered to avoid financial downfall and to protect your business.

What Is Garagekeepers Legal Liability Insurance?
This type of insurance covers cases where you are found responsible for the damage of a customer’s vehicle when it is in your care. Garagekeepers legal liability insurance offers protection if a vehicle is damaged by fire, vandalism, theft or collision.
What is Commercial Auto Insurance?
Commercial auto insurance offers protection from physical damage for vehicles such as cars, trucks, and vans used for business. Since commercial vehicles are exposed to more risk than personal vehicles, they require commercial auto insurance.
What Is General Liability?
In the event that mobile mechanics cause bodily injury or property damage during the course of their work, general liability insurance comes into effect.

To find the best auto mechanic insurance policy for your needs, contact isure insurance today. A broker is available to help you find and compare insurance quotes for mechanics and body shops, along with custom insurance coverage options for fleet managers

What Kind of Insurance Do I Need to Protect My Garage Business in Ontario?
Did you know that there are over 1,000 auto mechanic garages in Ontario? All of which need a unique insurance policy and liability coverage. Finding the right insurance by yourself may be difficult as you could end up paying for coverage that you don’t even need!

Let isure manage your risks so that you can focus on what matters, growing your business! We will be at your side as your business evolves, expands and changes. An isure insurance broker is standing by to find and compare quotes for your garage business! We will help you find a policy with the proper coverage that is suitable for your needs.

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