No matter how old you are, a fireworks show is the perfect source of entertainment! With the long weekend coming up, you may be looking to gather with family or friends and put on a fireworks show. When done safely, fireworks can be an excellent activity in the evening. However, things can go south quickly if you aren’t following the correct protocols! There are many firework safety tips to keep in mind, with consequences that can affect the safety of your home. Luckily, isure has you covered with their list of 9 firework safety tips.

1. Only use legal fireworks

One of the most crucial fireworks safety tips is to use legal fireworks. The company Kaboom is a very reputable company and Canada’s premiere fireworks superstore. They have various fireworks to choose from, so instead of purchasing fireworks from an unreputable company, stick to a tried and true franchise. Not only will these fireworks be safer, but much more advanced and entertaining!

2. Keep water close by

In case of any serious mishaps, it is always a good idea to have a pail of water on hand when setting off fireworks. It is also important to make sure you set off your fireworks on a cement surface, away from any dry grass or leaves. Additionally, before throwing your fireworks in the trash, make sure to pour water over them to ensure they are completely extinguished.

3. Keep your distance

Once the fuse is lit, one of our important firework safety tips to remember is to move back. If you notice the firework was not lit properly, it is essential to keep your distance. Next, pour some water over the firework if it isn’t working instead of trying to re-light it. If a firework isn’t lighting properly, it could be damaged and must be discarded immediately.

4. Only use fireworks outside

This tip may be obvious, but another one of our firework safety tips is to shoot fireworks in a big and open outdoor space. A park, a cul de sac, or a large backyard with farmland are all great options. Using fireworks indoors is incredibly dangerous and will almost automatically lead to injuries. Your main goal is to make sure you don’t hit any trees or the roofs of any surrounding homes.

5. Wear tight-fitted clothing

To avoid any fire hazards or injuries, make sure to wear tight-fitting clothing when setting off fireworks. Baggy clothing around lit fires can be extremely hazardous.

6. Never hold a lit firework in your hands

Fireworks are extremely flammable, so one of our firework safety tips is to make sure you keep your distance around lit fireworks and definitely do not hold them in your hands. Not only is this extremely dangerous to yourself, but you also risk harming the people around you.

7. Safely discard fireworks when you’re finished

Firework safety tips are still important even after the last one goes off. Before discarding the waste from your fireworks show, soak both used and unused fireworks in water for a few hours. This will prevent any further explosions and allow them to cool off. If the fireworks are still active, even slightly, when thrown out, other pieces of garbage can catch fire.

8. Check the weather

This is a vital step for your firework show. A clear night will provide the best conditions for fireworks, whereas lots of wind can be dangerous. Strong winds will move your fireworks across the sky too quickly. They can easily contact other houses, buildings, or trees and easily start a fire.

9. Don’t forget sparklers

Although sparklers may seem like a safer and easier option than fireworks, they have hazards of their own. The main hazard is their heat. Sparklers are incredibly hot to the touch and are often held very close to the face. It is effortless to get injured by sparklers, no matter your age. We recommend using glow sticks as a safer alternative.

We hope that these firework safety tips will help you stay safe this summer and ensure your home and family stay safe. For more information on fire safety and your home insurance coverage, contact isure today. Enjoy your fireworks show!

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