When people think of beautiful hiking trails, big cities usually don’t come to mind first. This is especially the case when it comes to Mississauga. Nestled outside Toronto to the west, Mississauga has its fair share of incredible hiking trails. From long adventurous hikes to brisk walking paths, Mississauga has something for everyone. So, whether you live in the city or plan on visiting for the day, be sure to trek to one of these hiking trails in Mississauga.

1. Riverwood Conservancy

Located in the middle of the city, Riverwood Conservancy is a beautiful hiking trail in Mississauga containing tons of natural space. This one differs a bit from others on the list, since it is a conglomerate of many different trails as opposed to just one. The most popular trails include the Yellow Trail and the Red Trail, popular destinations for bird watchers. Furthermore, it has the Culham Trail and the Burnham Trail located on the perimeters of the park.

2. Waterfront Trail 

You can’t make a list of trails anywhere in the GTA without including the infamous waterfront trail. Spanning over 3000 km in length, the trail connects over 140 communities and First Nations. On top of this, it traverses through 4 UNESCO World Biospheres. Wander through 23 national historic sites, 83 conservation areas, and three Great Lakes. Though the trail expands outside of the city, a great portion of it is in Mississauga. You can start or end your walk at one of the beautiful Port Credit parks, such as Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens.

3. Meadowvale Conservation Area

One of the biggest hidden gems in the city, the Meodowvale Conservation area contains the beautiful Culham Trail. This trail runs through the Credit River, through fields of gorgeous wildflowers, eventually leading you to a wooden bridge, perfect for those who fancy a nice Instagram photo. The Meadowvale Conservation Area is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon in the great outdoors.

4. Lake Aquitaine Trail

Spanning 3.5 km, the Lake Aquitaine Trail park extends around the beautiful Lake Aquitaine trail through the Mississauga suburbs to the North. This man-made lake was first developed to manage stormwater and has since developed into a blossoming ecosystem. The lake is accessible through many points throughout the surrounding suburbs. On top of this, you can incorporate a workout into your walk with some of the outdoor exercise equipment scattered throughout the trail.

5. Rattray Marsh Conservation Area

An ecologically significant area located between Port Credit and Clarkson, the Rattray Marsh Conservation Area is a diverse habitat for over 200 species of birds. On top of this, it stands as one of the last shingle bar marshes in Lake Ontario. The trail around the area contains a beautiful stream containing many plant species. Stroll through the raised boardwalks and take in the beautiful scenic lookouts. This is a beautiful hidden ecosystem located right in the heart of Mississauga!

6. Erindale Park Trails

As one of the most prominent parks in Mississauga, Erindale Park holds tons of different hiking trails that sit along the Credit River. One of the most popular is the Culham Trail or the University of Toronto Mississauga Nature Trail. On top of this, you have Sawmill Creek Trail. This is a 9km trail that follows Sawmill Creek, containing a dirt trail that takes you through a world of wetlands and forests. Keep your eye out for one of the infamous white-tailed deer that wander the area!

7. Etobicoke Creek Trail

This 36km paved path is also perfect for an easy afternoon stroll with the family. Perfect for both walking and biking, this trail offers scenic views of the creek. The wooden bridges contain beautiful views of the water, perfect for those with a camera. The trail has two main starting points, one beginning at Marie Curtis Park and one that starts north of Dundas Street, east of Dixie Rd.

8. Applewood Trail

Stemming at 6.5km, this path is great for anyone in Mississauga looking to get some nice fresh afternoon air. Whether you’re with your family or alone, this fully paved trail is great for biking or a little stroll. The path itself spans several city blocks, with the entrance beginning at the corner of Dixie Road and Dundas Street East. Park your car and take in the sights that Applewood Park has to offer.

9. Lisgar Meadow Brook Trail

Arguably one of the most popular hiking trails in the city, this 5km trail is fully-paved and is accessible through all northwest Mississauga neighbourhoods. Stemming across 5km, the Lisgar Meadow Brook Trail is a staple in the 16 Mile Creek tributary greenbelt. Though a large part of this trail goes through residential areas, notable sections wrap around marshes and forests, such as the Osprey Marsh. Keep your eye out for some blue herons and the nesting boxes located across the trail. These were built to re-establish populations of eastern bluebirds and purple martins.

10. Lake Wabukayne Trail

Centered around, you guessed it, Lake Wabukayne, this trail is not one you want to miss! At 4km long, it goes through multiple directions throughout the city, accessible at many different points. Similar to Lake Aquitaine, Wabukayne was first created as a man-made storm management lake. Since then, it has flourished into a beautiful natural space for flora and fauna. Lake Wabukayne is home to over 100 different species of birds, a gorgeous tiny butterfly garden, and tons of ducks and geese.

Hiking trails in Mississauga: A conclusion

We hope that whether you live in Mississauga or not, you’ve learned about some of the beautiful trails the city has to offer! From beautiful birds to flourishing marshes, Mississauga has something for everyone to be amazed by.

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