If you have any trips coming up, you need to download the best travel apps we know of. These apps not only will help you navigate cities, they’ll enable you to save money, access languages you don’t know and act as tour guides! Smartphones really have become the most important items to pack when you travel. So, let’s get into all the best travel apps on the market!

Best Travel Apps: Citymapper

If you’re in a major city, Citymapper is an app that will help you get around the city. Let’s be very honest – foreign public transit can be confusing. Citymapper factors in all travel including walking, bus, subway, trains, ferries, taxis, car share, bike share and more. They’ll provide you real-time, step-by-step information on how to get to where you want to be. It also provides you with the best route to take. A must for visiting the big cities around the world.

Best Travel Apps: Google Translate

Do you speak Mandarin? What about Russian? French? Portuguese? If not, you need to download the Google Translate app. The app has been improving over the last few years and has many incredible features. You can speak your sentence into it in English, and the app will translate it AND speak it. You can use your camera to take a picture of foreign text, and it translates it in realtime. Best of all, no internet access needed if you download the language pack ahead of time. A great app to help you out in a pinch.

Best Travel Apps: Airbnb

Hotels are expensive – so instead of spending most of your hard-earned dollars on a bed, consider living like a local with Airbnb. The service enables you to sleep in someone else’s home. Now, while that may seem a little iffy at first, understand they convert their place to be more like a hotel house. The prices are affordable, and often far more enjoyable than hotel life.

Best Travel Apps: Foodspotting

Not sure where to eat? Consider the Foodspotting app. The crowdsourced app helps you find food near you based on the opinions of experts and other (formerly) hungry people. The search is image-centric with recommendations on specific dishes, as well as micro-reviews. You’ll never go hungry, and be sure to get the best food near you!

Best Travel Apps: FlightAware

Knowing what to expect from your flight is great. There’s nothing worse than arriving at an airport for a flight that is always delayed. If you came expecting the delay, that would make life easier. FlightAware is a great app that tracks planes, departure times, delays and more. It gives you historical insight into a flight as well as expected landing times. You can even visualize the flight in-air! It’s great if you want to be more aware of what’s happening with your flight.

Best Travel Apps: Geosure

Worried about what’s going on around you? Geosure will take those fears away by providing you with safety information that’s both accurate and current. Whether it’s a terrorist attack or a string of robberies in an area, Geosure gives you situational awareness based on your location. It helps you stay safe in a foreign country while enabling you to avoid dangerous situations. It also connects you with planning your evening or visit to attractions. Ideal for anyone traveling alone, or in insecure environments


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